Archangel Raphael and Opfaal

Tonights the full moon, im looking to evoke the two entities in the title, do they require any type of offerings?

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No offering is required, though you can make one if you want to.


Would something like blood suffice, or is that weird?

Angels don’t generally do blood.

I would go with wine, a candle, or flowers.



No offering is required , it would be wise however

No that sephirot filth should be kept away from Azazel’s Spirits like Opfaal. You should really try in a ritual not to mix different energies. Qliphot is Qliphot, Djinns are nature spirits and sephirot filth is just filth. If you work with Azazel’s Legions just center on them in a ritual.

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This is just being petty and does absolutely no justice to reality of things lol.


Sorry, but I think you are confusing your grimoires. Opfaal has nothing whatsoever to do with Azazel. He belongs to a completely different astral realm, under the rulership of a completely different spirit.