Archangel or planetary talisman?

Should the color for the paper of a planetary/angel talisman be the planets color or the angels color?
How do you decide which color to use?

Here is sort of what I am looking at:

Ritual Candle Colours: Black, Brown or Grey.
Planetary Colours: Black, Dark Greens, Indigo or Maroon .
Harran / Hermetics Colour: Pitch Black.
Complimentary Colour: White .
Colour of Pentacles of Saturn: Black.
Astral Colour’s - Capricorn: Red and Brown.

Dude, instead of asking different varieties of the same questions, why don’t you just find a method of talisman creation and follow it?

You are trying to add everything plus the kitchen sink, without even trying out a simple method first to get your feet wet.

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I just wanted to say that this thread is so neat.