Archangel Michael

Posting my appreciation here to Archangel Michael who i called on when I was in need of work. I simply purchased a saint Michael candle and focused my intentions into it while the candle sat on a copy of his sigil. The same day I saw my neighbor outside who is a manager at her workplace. She got me hired almost immediately. Didn’t expect him to be so helpful with small matters like this. More to come!


I’m glad he worked for you but be careful. Don’t cross him if your not ready… ooooooph he can get nasty


I adore Archangel Michael so much I only worked with him from when I was 13 until things started to changed for me and I started to learn more. I will always have a close relationship with him and he will always have a special place will me. I was actually named in honor of him. I am glad all work well for you.


Ok ok spill it whatcha do? (I am so nosy.)


He was my arch/guardian angle we didn’t see eye to eye. And I’ve heard some bad stories with him too about Christians who went into the occult who were in the same boat

I was also very curious about it so thanks for asking hahaha. :joy:

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Archangel Michael is awesome. Nothing but praise for him. True about the small stuff: you wouldn’t expect it from him, being a very busy and important figure and all, but he does help—and quickly too! There was a time we had a school parade and we had to leave our things in a public area. I sent a quick prayer to him to safeguard all my stuff because there were a lot of thieves scattered about in that place. When we went back, all of my friends’ stuff were gone. Only mine remained. To think that all our bags are just closely placed under the same tree altogether. Small thing, sure, but never forgot about 'til this day. :slight_smile:


From all Archangels, I only work with him. Not only for protection. A partner you can always count on. He never let me down.

I love this spirit beyond imagination :black_heart:


Micheal really never? :joy::sweat_smile: I think I have the same temper. :joy:. I am finding both sides don’t do well if you do will if you try to step away from the path that is your birth rite and both sides have tempers. Hot hot hot tempers at times. It’s all because of how loyal he is to his god after all can’t blame him. Though I haven’t heard of this temper towards humans. I would love to hear more if you want to share. Warriors is all I can say :joy:

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That’s beautiful :slight_smile: thanks for your response

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Thanks for your response! I’ll be careful

Thanks for the response. That’s really cool. I was surprised by how fast it worked too. It had me amped lol.

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How long have you worked with him

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About a year now I think

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Nice. I’ve been pondering about evoking him

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Thank you. Happy for your success :slight_smile: