Archangel Michael Offering

I offer him coffee,dragon blood incense,& tea white candle when I first call him

You can suggest more about his offerings thanks

I’m planning to give him a sword for defense can I offer him my athame since I don’t use it yet?

Do I need to cleanse consecrate charge it just like any magic tools only for the purpose of defense not to create circles?

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Angels don’t require offerings.

Edit to add: However, if you feel you must make an offering, burning a white candle in his name is traditional.


Do I need to do it everyday?

You can burn a candle to him daily if you want to, but you don’t have to. When you make the offering, just decide on the length of time you will do it, and state that. So you could say something along the lines of, “I offer to light this candle for you once a week for half an hour until my result comes to pass.”

You choose how and when you will make the offering, but once you do, make sure you stick to it. Reneging on a promise can have consequences.


Ah ok now I understand it’s like give in take relationship…

In my experience Michael likes and appreciates intellect and doesn’t have much time for foolishness so if you have a chess board, chess pieces would be a good offering as it represents this but also battle strategy. The white knight or castle would be a good choice.