Archangel Michael Occult/New Age

Is Archangel Michael that people channel from the New Age religion the same angel that occultist evoke?

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That’s actually a very good question that can be applied to any spirit that is utilized by various practices. In name and function, they are certainly the same. But it’s quite likely that they could be calling on different aspects of the same being, and also possible that they are contacting something completely separate but uncannily similar.

I realize that’s a very long way of saying “maybe”, but I have been thinking on this topic for some time lately.


I believe that when people channel or evoke gods or spirits, that they’re just communing with aspects of their subconscious. So, no, no two people are communicating with the same Archangel Michael.


Yeah I’m starting to believe that they are completely separate. Maybe spirits in disguise or thought forma. There’s also the Christian Michael and the Catholic Michael both seem different.

I agree. When you have people summoning fictional characters it makes sense.

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Personally I don’t believe in channeling or invocation as a way to communicate with spiritual beings… it’s more of method to activate what those beings represent to us subconsciously. In this case, each person’s experience is completely and absolutely different and should be irrelevant to anyone else. Still very important method of doing magick and very effective. The only exception is full possession.

Evocation is a different story. Depends on the medium used for evocation. If we’re talking about gazing at smoke or fire or any other element to the point of almost losing consciousness, then we interact subconsciously with those spirits. Our own minds still interfering. So it’s possible that we get mixed messages from both sides… the mind and spirit. Unless the magician or witch is very experienced and can “sense” which is which, we could follow false inputs easily. In this case… the result of the communication depends on the one experiencing it. So we can’t judge it with a general rule but it’s mostly accurate and from the same being.

In some kinds of evocations, the spirit interacts with the conscious mind directly. It’s almost like experiencing the presence of another human being, audibly or visually or both. In this case, there’s no interference from the mind subconsciously and you get what to you get. The same being, no matter how many people evoke him and the message should be the same.

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What about the energies you feel when you evoke and evoke? Where do they come from

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It’s all part of the mental play that you’re conscious mind uses to access the subconscious mind.