Archangel Michael invocation

is anyone knows something about this

What do you need to know?
That’s Archangel Michael sigil.

How to invoke that spirit

I made a topic for this go check it

Some of the possible ways are to use (for example) the Fourfold Breath then vibrate “Michael” or get barefoot and say every day the Sunday invocation from Heptameron after washing hands, also taking the habit of drinking more water than usual.

Thats a great info! Thank you

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Oh and don’t forget. Show respect…
I use the Sigil and call his name.

Ok then tell me what happened

You typed ‘invoke that Spirit’. He is a leader, not any spirit and he wants respect…
So nothing happened to me, just a warning, don’t see at him as any regular spirit…

I always like some reading beforehand. So this will help: