Archangel Michael God of destruction & Chaos

Yes that is true, calling on him to punish someone (if that is the right words) is not very well known I’d say.

But, his name means “Like-EL”, or “Like ‘God’”. And I’ve always got the impression from the Jewish God that he is a God of Protection. When you look at the Bible, many times when he incites Wrath it is to protect another, and he comes through most strongly when protection is requested.

So it makes sense that Michael would be strongest when it comes to defense of all kinds. Pay attention to how he actually defends the person requesting aid, as there may be Wrath in it.


Michael carries out God’s will like a devoted soldier, much respect to him


Wow wow just wow…

In four days or so, I’ve learnt a lot in this forum than I ever did in university and church combined

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He is the commander of YNHW’s military. He’s literally stating his job which is to be the general of gods armies. Any US army general would say the same thing but not quite as directly. This doesn’t make them evil. This is simply there Job. Now the people who give them there orders on the other hand might have less than noble intentions.


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