Archangel Michael God of destruction & Chaos

Your skipping through too much vital information to make your point.
Why shouldn’t it matter how you summon a spirit?
Think of it this way. You call your bank, because you want some information. You get to speak to the automatic voice or a secretary (these will be the messenger spirit, almost all systems have these spirits who guard the crossroads.) Depending in what you need, this automated voice system or secretary can direct your call to any one department. Fraud, credit, PR, Human Resources, management, etc.
Your subconscious or soul is what makes the linking to the spiritual plane through your silver cord. Then you have a plethora of spirit currents to work with dependding on what you need.
Your bank might have several locations universally, so, if you call their Indian number, you’ll most likely speak to their Indian reps who based on your location, laws of the land, and demand will be best suited to help you. If you call the American branch from India, you might come to find that they might be little they might be able to do because of restrictions and it’s beyond their jurisdiction. But it’s all the same banking umbrella. Thesame enterprise. The way the bank is called or pronounced in India might be drastically different from the way the bank is pronounced in the states. The name might be adapted to its area and culture. But its still under thesame umbrella. Same way going to an Indian Macdonalds and an American macdonalds might prove drastically different because they’ve adapted to the culture in which they’re in.
I always say, spirituality makes sense. All things are cyclical. If you want to understand how the spiritual realms work, look at how the human realm works. It’s not by coincidence that even in the Geotia and Sephirot we have classifications and heirachies of spirits.
Perhaps I’m not explaining it the best way I can but that’s all I can do for now, it’s almost 2 AM yet. But like I said, don’t box spirits in. You may choose to think of spirits as though forms you manifested or whatever else because as you said, it’s the ‘easier method’ but easier doesn’t mean right. Then again neither does complex. But to say that these spirits are made manifest only because you make them so or they’re just stored in your subconscious based on your understanding and perception, then you’d be very mistaken.
And funny enough, I just had an experience with Amon-Ra, a spirit which I knew very little about. His connection to the sun or anything. This was just a few days ago that he transported me to Ancient Egypt and when I asked who he was, he told me ‘The Sun of Egypt.’
I don’t know his enn, I’ve never tried to actively summon him before. But I was looking for a Deity to help me with a clients case and literally fell asleep reading about a collection of spirits that could help and this happened. If it were my subconscious, and I know practically nothing about Amon and even more his connection to anything Egyptian or the Egyptian pantheon how was it that in the vision I had he transferred me to ancient Egypt and identified himself as the sun?
He never actually told me his name was Amon, but after I woke up, one of the first things I did was come on this forum and describe my dream and ask for help identifying the spirit. While I was simaltenously doing research to figure out what spirit it was, looking at Egyptian deities Associated with the sun. And narrowed it down to Amon-Ra.
Your Bob analogy is quite flawed in several ways but for example, Bob could have a disassociative personality disorder. So, if you go around telling everybody that Bob is a liar without properly understand what is going on with Bob, then that simply reflect more on you being too narrow brained to see that everything is not so black and white than it does on Bob. And it doesn’t change the fact that Bob does truly believe all these things he said to many different people about himself.


Indeed. Angels are angels, demons are demons, angels are demons and demons are angels. Know thyself. He’s right about the “wrath and justice” bit but you must first know who God is.


I think it would be impossible to expect to see every every aspect of a spirit. Very few people know even my different aspects. If you meet me in court, you would have a very different impression of me, than if you walked into my office, where our dress code is barely casual. If I have to give a speech to students, you’d meet yet another facet of me. And I’m not aeons old, I think they would have picked up a lot more aspects.


Totally different experience. He was a bit hasty but other than that, he answered all my questions and he did the task I ask him to do.

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I invoked him during the worst time of my life,where my life was in danger and i had no idea how to fix my problem!He came through big time,was protective and my problem was solved in a way i could of never imagined!Never had any negative experiences with him!


Welcome @Molock. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

I had a very positive experience with him. He is a serious looking guy, beautiful and protective. I cryed (only a little bit :wink:) It was fascinating.

Raphael smiled all the time like he was high.


:joy::joy::joy: I know Michael, but never really connected with Raphael. Now you got me curious, lol! Medical marijuana, anyone?


Michael is a hardass, for sure. He’s arrogant, in a way, but he’s super fucking powerful, so he can back it up. And if you’re in a jam, he’s the guy you want to have your back. He never got quite that bad with me, but he is a bit scary. Need to be very respectful with him.


He is really lovely and full of love. I mean you don’t sit there and grin :grin:

He gives you so much love that your heart gets warm. Both together is like a sweet kiss you want to remember all the time while touching your lips.


Yeah angels ain’t all sunshine lollipops and rainbows breh. Don’t forget they’re still angels specifically because they were the meaner, more pissed off faction. And Michael leads them because he can be the meanest and most pissed of em all.




Wow, well… just reading these comments about him, Michael have a pretty pleasant vibes, at least to me. He reminds me a bit to Abaddon, to be honest (which shouldn’t be that surprising after all). :shushing_face:

I remember the time when I started to read about angels for first (around age ~12), because of some kind of urges (it is rarely but recurrent), and Michael and Gabriel’s name popped up to me again and again. :dizzy::woman_genie::crossed_swords:


what Lord is he speaking of? are you close to Michael?

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Archangel Michael hasn’t done that to me. He was always distant as if he was pretending he wasn’t involved … but yeah angels/archangels scare me the most with their terrifying energy , more than any other entity. I’ve worked with angels/archangels long enough to know/recognise their energy


@The_Soulmate_Experie you must be Nigerian ?:laughing: you remind me about my mum!


What did you use to evoke him?

But why then do people call and pray on or to angel Michael in churches? Well specifically where I’m from Africa, Nigeria? I’m just wondering out loud lol


Because he’s primarily associated with protection and not destruction. I think the lore of him beating and banishing the “devil” from heaven also comes to play here. Lots of people call on to Michael for protection and courage, I do it too. He can do destructive things as well, but it’s not so known ig.