Archangel Michael Channeling

Imma try somethin different tonight and channel an Archangel…Michael.
Same as last time. Ill try to answer as many questions as possible.

Give me some fucking time and ill get your questions.

Let the Archangelic games begin!


Please tell him I said hello and thank you!

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“What do you do on a daily basis, whats life like for you?”


“In your opinion, what is the difference between the angels and the demons?”

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Any messages for me, oh wielder of the flaming sword?


Hi, if you could ask him if he would like to have a relationship with me.


I would like to know why Raphel is watching over me, Can you ask Michael why that is or if he knows?

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If you are still doing it

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can you ask him if he has any messages or advices for me?

Aight here we go

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What are your other names?

Hello, Loved one. Anytime i can be of service ill be glad to help.

I fulfill the orders of Divine Will if and as they come through the Evocator. My Legions assist me. Otherwise, I train them as their commander and watch over/oversee the Earth and help maintain the balance in it and other Star systems.
Tough job to say the least
(Side eyes the channeler)

There is no difference. We exist to fulfill the same functions in different ways and with Different methods. Albeit in energy, some would say that our energy feels ‘lighter’ than the Demons or that it carries a sense of “peace” or “love”.

(Very sternly)
Stop opening Black Gates. Stay strong for you and Queen. Your torment will be over soon and you will heal from the pain. You are denied death because you will overcome it and all that has tried to destroy you will be destroyed.
Peace and Love and Light to you.

If it is a relationship you seek, meditate on it and then approach me. Find what you seek in yourself first and do not be afraid to break stereotypes and boundaries. Angel lovers exist too just like Demon Lovers exist and do.

You requested healing even if not verbally, but your soul did and we Angels listen to the Hearts cry, not words. You will be healed of Trauma like you (your soul) have asked.

Artist, rise and create with the pen for your pen is truly mightier than the sword.


I am known by no other name then Michael.
But some of my titles include:

● Captain of The Lords Host

● The Divine Protector

● Archangel of The Army of Hod

● The One who Weilds the Flaming Sword of Truth

And many more.


@Micah, you are amazing. Dose Michael have a message for me?

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Thank you very much!!!


The reason that we do not heal your back pain is because you are not yet ready to have it fully removed. You will hurt yourself again.

In addition to that, it does take time, dear one.

If you insist however, we will fully heal you. Just do not repeat the same things that got you hurt in the first place/avoid situations that will cause that to happen.

You must stop consuming certain substances for full healing to occur.


Love you @Micah. :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:
Thank you so much!!!


Was he specific on what trauma he/them are trying to heal?

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Could you ask him if he would be willing to come to me tonight if I call him? If it’s not uncomfortable for you to ask, I thank you very much.

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Do you personally feel humans are worthy of ascent/knowing you as an equal?

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can you ask him How he was born?

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