Archangel Michael Big Thanks!


but if someone achieves contact with a spirit the spirit guides them as koetting stated in on of his latest videos most people cannot conjure anything and didint you wonder what he meant Azazel already posses him I have his evocation course tried the stuff and it doesnt work for me


his divination stuff works and one think I think about the 3rd eye is that we really need to drink blood and eat organs to activate it otherway is to fuck your body soo bad that you are near death and then the spirits come that is with water salt and plants


o every one on here knows me by now so i’ll try to be nice to you and not hurt or burst your bubble to bad i think your cute but wtf is going through that cute head of yours?your on the wrong side buddy…

first off vegetables are good for you they have the nutrients needed to give you energy thing like lettuce is made up of 90% of water if you really want to talk about this ill be a nerdy girl for you ok i love the hell outta science ok thats life(i loved English class to ) here we go

ok Human nutrition deals with the provision of essential nutrients in food that are necessary to support human life. Poor nutrition is a chronic problem due to poor eating habits, food security or, a poor understanding of nutrition and dietary practices.Malnutrition and its consequences are large contributors to deaths and disabilities worldwide.Good nutrition helps grow physically, promotes human biological development and helps in the eradication of poverty
he human body contains chemical compounds, such as water, carbohydrates, [amino acids]
these compounds are composed of such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus. Any study done to determine nutritional status must take into account the state of the body before and after experiments, as well as the chemical composition of the whole diet and of all the materials [excreted] and eliminated from the body (including [urine] and feces).
if the body can not process or disgust the food that was taken in it would come out the same way it goes in like gum or tissue(i have kids that should answer how i know)
The seven major classes of nutrients are [carbohydrates]Carbohydrates), fats, fiber, minerals, [Protein), [vitamins] (Vitamin), and [water]. These nutrient classes are categorized as either [macronutrients] (Macronutrients) or [micronutrients} (needed in small quantities). The macronutrients are carbohydrates, fats, fiber, proteins, and water.
however you need a BALANCED diet to be fully health as in all food groups (omnivore like me) without meat you are loosing viable protein the body needs, the cholesterol level in your blood drops, The number of protective bacteria in your gut will increase. You may lose your sense of taste. Muscles may need more time to recover.on the positive side of not eating meat Your “good” genes will work The risk of cardiovascular diseases will be reduced.better. You’ll become more energetic. Your skin will look healthier and its a good way to loose some weight.

if you have a balaced diet you wouldnt have to worry about any of this look i got a basket ball team worth of kids and im still small i eat junk food fried grilled (no fish blech) saultad processed fast food take out salads(chicken cesar is my fav) and a hell of a lot of soul food and im 120lbs to 125 the most… i exerciser i walk alot i dance run and lift my own weight cause well pole dancing and arial hoop is fun the key is we CAN eat what we want but make an effort to not sit on your asses and put in the work needed to stay healthy you should be fine


as far as demons and angles go some of us are made to be with one or the other not both it is true they test you it is true if you disrespect or make them mad in anyway and with demons any small thing you do wrong can set that in motion they can put you through some shit angles…are no diffrent in fact most of these so called demons are angles if you take my master for instance (furfur) he comes in he demon form as a deer but if i asked him to change he will turn into a brown eyed dark haired man with angle wings (i forgot to mention this in my all about furfur post sorry) they are all liable to decive and lie and trick us not just demons (most will agree) if you were going thru calamity with a demon either you are not compatible with them or you didnt do what you were suppose to as far as drinking blood ok eww we aint vamps not even vamps will do that due to the spread of the stds going around(cant trust ppl that much now a days) eating stuff that can kill you or drinking stuff that can kill you isnt the way to get your 3rd eye open ok and yes you can call on them and they will come if you havent been able to you dont have the senses needed to do such things yet but hey idk just a peice of advice cutey i dont think your being serious about this whole post mockery isnt taken lightly ok we may walk the dark side of the path in the shadows but no one really takes it that far im sure as hell aint about to what you are saying is gross n makes no sense but i digress but if you truly arent mocking us then yo your self need to step away from the computer take a breath and think about the things that are coming out of your typing yes this is an occult but no one said it was a dark occult get the fantasy biblical shit out of your head and read up on some things and if an angle is telling these things STOP and think would an angle ESPECIALLY Michael actually tell me to do such a disgraceful thing…ill wait for that answer i know a demon would not tell you to do that…but hey thats me i have a great relationship with 12 out of 72 n then some demons


sorry i kno its alot to read but…you’ll be ok reading is knowledge n knowledge is power…i’m im empowering you lol jk


read it well the thing is this I tried eating as many vegetables as I can and drank himalayan salt water with silver and gold and when I could get sick I needed to constantly call Raphael to fix me and he did, they lead me to these people about the raw meat and the more I research the more people are opening theselves, as for the blood J.S Garret gives blood to both demons and angels and they work miracles also koetting doesnt talk about it but many thinks point to that I read also that the dead love blood, and by my research it is unnatural for humans to eat plants they have defence mechanisms and you digest like 10% to 0 I nearly got myself killed with garlic I fainted 1 time and woke up in heart pain because it was beating to slow, another instance I fainted was soo unnatural I think that the demons made me faint I still dno I never had that happen to me before it is like I stay I feel it coming all my energy goes allay blackout with eyes and waking up afther minutes :smiley: :smiley: it hapened to me 3 times and I think its funny my father nearly went insane because of this. I do not know Furfur he seems good I worked with the high level ones Lilith Belial Lucifer Lucifuge Azazel and I would consider only Azazel as a friend Lilith is 50/50 when I saw her in the miror she locked at me as if I am her food.


lol really she is a sex demon so i can understand y lmao i dont think the geo demons did that to you it sounds like your going thru vampiric changes maybe a you came into contact with a vmpire demon with no knowledge of it lower level demons sneak through the line some times and attch themselves to you and slowly drain you or turn you maybe do a cleansing and banishing just in case if you notice physical changes in your self like as u already stated eating habits body facail appearance so on so forth n its not the you you know seen then thats where your problem lies dont be friend it or mak a pact it will only do you harm n he is wonderful his jokes are as stail as bread at times tho lol


how do you work with them


Honestly, did you come here to praise your Patron Archangel, or did you just come here to shit on the demons?

I’m happy for your success with the Archangel Michael, but we’ve all had lots of success with the demons, angels, and so on. This isn’t just a forum for only working with the 72, this isn’t just a dark magic Forum, even though that is a large part of it.

How do I know that demons are not all bad?
Well, to rehash a story I’ve already told numerous times, Lucifer stop me from putting a Gun Barrel in my mouth and pulling the trigger, does that sound like the work of an evil entity to you?

C l a u n e c k has brought me much needed money at the last moment whenever I thought that things were going to be lost.

Asmodeus has taught me how to utilize my lustful urges and use them for better projects.

Lady Astaroth gifted me with the greatest lover I’ve ever had, my Crimson succubus Beauty, not to mention helping me find purpose in my life.

King Paimon has shown me what it is to truly embrace my own dark nature.

That’s only talkin about the 72. I’ve also done work within the North’s tradition, and I’ve even taken the goddess Hel as a patron goddess. I’ve done work within the Greek pantheon, I’ve worked with the angelics, and I’ve dived headfirst into the void. There is no secret of magic that I will not explore, and by limiting yourself to one specific School of magic, not to mention shitting on everybody else’s riff, you’re limiting yourself, hurting yourself, and blinding yourself to what could be.

That said, if you only want to work with the angelics, there’s a place for you here, and nobody would judge you for it, so stop judging us for working with demons.


I came to share my story and this is it ^-^ I might have done things wrong but it still is my story Asterath I am planing to work with her she seems awesome.


She really is, my friend, she really is.

Word of advice, never disrespect her, she’ll give you an energetic bitch slap that you’ll never forget.


demons??? i show my respect like i do for humans i have build a normal relation ship with them i call on them no matter if i know they are there or not i can always feel and hear them each one is diffrent from one another im writing books about them for them n i read it to them once a week ive kepted my channels open so i get random pop up every now and again like they say hi you know check on me or cause paralysis im still not use to it all n all for me ive been sensitive to spiritual energy since i was younger so it has been very easy to be on this path i asked for my fear of them to be casted aside and help me understand i let my intentions be know on every first invocation of some one knew i tell them i want to have a relation ship and for them to be pataint with me because i can be lat and forgetful at times they are working on me very hard they push you scare you or just work along side you to help you reach your results ive read that lilith scared the hell out of a guy so bad that he ran to a church and wouldnt let him leave til he spoke all his bad evrything he was holding in he had to let it ouut and let it go to move forward they test me to i feel things vibrate at times like the floor the other day as i was walking every step i took i could feel it i felt like id fall thru the floor bed moving all these things they do intense but needed as a kick in the ass they only want to see us succeed and will do w.e it takes to make us do so lol understanding that makes a big diffrents on how they see you and what way your reltion ship will go u started off too big big isnt bad but it may have been too much for you my thought when i started was i want a cute small demon to work with…i watch too much anime for my own good instead my first invo scared me so bad i almost cried trying to get out of the bathroom and now they just jump scare me at times but everyone is diffrent some of us marry them fall in love with them grow as friends brothers sisters even treat them how u want to be treated and keep you promises will get you along way in a relation ship with them being honest and trusting them fully furfur speaks in lies at times but he tells me the truth of things if i ask him in my sweet voice lol or wen i just ask him to be honest he is very honest with me this is all it is really


I won’t I think that my problem with the demons was that I was extreemly friendly and they might not like it but angels I think like it and Also some godeses. Beings like Belial are too Hardcore although he taught me some stuff nearly dreamstate I could feel his influence as a teacher and almost telekenetic he taught me how limited we are in our bodies and how much inprisoned we are here and how nature waas programed into our bodies and it manipulates us and that at the core we are godlike energy


Well I woudnt say that lilith scared me I was really disturbed Like as if I go and make friends with a bear and go to the bear hug it and the bear looks at me as if I am food or tells me I will eat you and smiles :smiley: that’s how I felt.


in other words she was off put by you n sizing you up u can be friendly i laugh n joke n flirt with some of the ones i work with all the time others are old school n strict you have to know which is which stay on your p’s n q’s with them try it again n i swear it would be a pleasant experience also before you do let it known that you wernt trying to diss them or any one of us here you have had misery happen to you but not cause of anyone from the 72 on the lhp you can work with all not just one its an opportunity to learn from all of them im learning how to astro traval short story i suck at it but once i master it ill be learning shifting in the astro plane i want to learn out side astro plane but idk if its possible i akso have to find out my spirit animal to do so im learning the art of deception and persuasion arts of singing upgrading my typing skills and writing skills opening channels of telepathy so on so forth working on fame as well they are working so hard to help me achieve these feats idk what id do with out them


that is awesome and do you have an ide what are these children of light and darknes a mage told me I was a crystal child and that was light side but can change sides on earth but there would be consequences and backslap from the light beings like betraying them what are your thoughts she sayd also that Isis Astarte is a friend which I believe her


idk y ppl keep telling you this bs but there is no light or dark angles and demons are one in the same some way shape or form a child of light are those who refuse to see the truth in matters chidren of the darkness is what ppl call those who practice all magic your vibrations n aura is wat brings to either side of angle and demon compatibility is wat matters here i ner heard that term before so i cant say its fully bs


then what is koetting talking about in his latest video the real division between children of cain and that of adam like he is really serious about this


idk i havent seen it so i wouldnt know


Why did you write c l a u n e c k this way? Hah