Archangel Michael Big Thanks!

Here is my Story he fixed everything, and is helping me with everything and teaching me along with the other angels and when I look back now I think that they might have tried to kill me all the demons and Kings now I might be wrong but next time I conjure them it will be with the protection of Michael, are you all sure here that demons are our friends?

Now Azazel helped me get a car and that was it and yet with alot of misery and I thank him aswel but what about the others do you all have good experiences with them?

I talked with the Order of Asterte the folks told me that demons need to be controlled and spoken with authoroty otherwise you might die or they will wreck havoc. And Astarte is a goddess, and I understand that many goetic spirits are ancient gods but mostly I think they are not. Ass well Most magicians spread weak magic and that is understandable as well the idea is to learn directly from the gods and the weak ones would be sowed out.

And yet again thanks to Michael He is protecting me showed me the real magic and showed me how to heal my body I also thank the other anegls aswel and I really don’t think YHWH who is AIO is a bad guy alot of bad stuff is talked about him and I got tricked before with the man made religions and corrupt books and why because of the Authoroty pastors that tried to enslave you with the bible. If you think as yhwh being nature what is nature survival of the fitest animal eating animal and so on and who is Lucifer he is sol invictus meaning the OLD SUN before this one Lucifer was also being worshiped with loads of human sacrifices they thought if they stoped giving him blood he will stop shining the new sun is Jupiter as well as yhwh was worshiped this way so who is more evil neither one. They are both Spiritual beings and we need to learn how this system works and btw your body cannot digest plants you are made to eat only meat and raw meat and drink blood not water check it out there is more research. So thank to the Angels for this Knowlege ^-^ you cannot go wrong with them.


Forgot to mention Sol Invictus the Imovable Sun the sun before this one was Called Saturn Cronos by the Ancients Lucifer is Saturn the new sun is called Jupiter

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Could you explain how Azazel gave him a car but with a lot of misery? How did Michael teach him true magic and what kind of magic is that? How do the angels talk to you to give that kind of information about Lucifer and YHWH?
have you worked with other demons?
I find your publication strange, I have no experience with demons, yet, but I have read very good comments about the experience of working with them


Well I became so broke that my parents felt bad and bought me the car I got robbed by 3 people, which I thought the demons brought for me to make money well they made me broke, Michael lead me to the true sources or magic which I asked the demons but yet didn’t get also my life is alot peaceful and good with the Angels my business is running good no shit happening with demons shit happened every week where I lost hundreds of bucks stress and all kinds of disasters either people robing me or failed business venture or car tickets or car brake down all kinds of things. I think like Koetting said in his latest video demons want strong people they test you and give you a hard time like chewing you and if you are not good spit you out and die. I do not like that ruthless approach also if they are children of darknes and liight I might be from the other camp and they generaly don’t like me who knows people are not true in their work and they are hiding stuff like vegans who die because of plants and hide their bad health.

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Can you please explain this comment in more detail?

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Didn’t U turn Vegan recently? Don’t worry, U R not going to die because of Plants. Just take care that U get Vitamin B12 and other nutritious elements. B12 is a big factor for Vegans.


I’ve not recently turned vegan…have been one for almost a decade! And thank you for the advice and concern but I eat incredibly healthily :kissing_heart:

I didn’t get the “hiding stuff” bit, as in who is and why would they hide things about vegans??


DECADE !!! not bad. But it does take a toll on the purse. That’s why I am lacto-vegetarian

I think he was saying that Vegans hide their bad health thinking it will ruin the agenda of vegans and animal rights.

well, Don’t want that anything bad happens to that pretty face . :wink:

1 Like humans cannot eat plants cannot digest them the Elite are spreading lies to reduce population

and our world population is bellow 1 bilion they lie about the numbers.

With all due respect, you might want to educate yourself about things from places other than conspirationist YouTubers. If you want to know more about what the body can and can’t digest (and physiology in general), you can read up some human biology/physiology textbooks, even the cheap old ones will teach you more valid information than what you will get off those channels you watch.

Regarding world population, and geography/demography, well, same advice.

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Read them yourself and don’t tell me what to do people like you deserve to eat plants while the elite eat humans did you hear of organ harvesting or is that a myth to brainwashed asfk

Well, I’m in med school and that’s after studying a bachelors in biomed… and I’ve been a vegan for 10 years, so yeah. I’ve never been healthier and several blood tests keep showing it. My vegan friends are just as healthy and I’m not a vegan extremist, my boyfriend is actually a meat eater. He respects my choice and I respect his.

There is no need to be so aggressive when people are polite and respectful to you, speaks volumes you know.

Now, I don’t know how organ harvesting even came into play here or how it is related to the discussion, but yeah, organ (and human in general) trafficking is real, it’s very deep and hidden and serves the mega rich no doubt (but no, they don’t eat them).

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you said it yourself you are not an extremist so you will not see the effects althought you have some of them see the 2 videos I pointed out also Science lies like hell no matter if you are a bioligist that doesn’t make you special. As for organ harvesting if plants were so good why would the elite eat humans and plant eating backs up agenda 21 I don’t have to argue you are responsible for your own health I myself when I eat plants and other junk my teeth hurt when I eat meat as I started for a few days I feel my power coming back and my energy. And talking about conspiracy did you know that Brazil cars are all on alcohol which costs 10cents per liter and we dumbases pay 1,50 euro for a far less good petrol which ruins our cars. Consider this ^-^

Is your negative experience very strange, have you worked with other demons? but what kind of magic did Michael lead you?

We are meant to drink blood not water? I’ve never heard that before.

angelic and blood type which I discovered which i the real magic all else is weak magic mostly and real goetic aswell and many of the Authors in balg use those books too

Lol wut

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yes blood and milk which is also blood water few times but in our diet weve god so used to water and it dehydrates us like if you shower to much your skin is dehidrated havent you noticed