Archangel Michael and Gabriel?

Hey there, some advice on how to get the angels to teach you magic and gain their favor would be great.
I also want to know what your experiences with them are, like their personalities and such.
Thanks in advance :blush::+1:

1: Summon them. Their seals are readily available everywhere.

2: You don’t have to “gain their favour.” Part of their duty is to respond to calls for help. They are not superior beings you have to crawl on your knees to and kiss their feet.


Have you ever worked with one? How did it go? Just Curious :blush:

Yes, I have evoked both of them, as well as invoked them as part of the LBRP and the Circle of Power.

What is the LBRP?

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

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Oh I know that one, I’m so stupid with abbreviations!! Silly me😋

Angels, like demons, don’t seem to really have set genders, so don’t be surprised if you come across some people referring to Gabriel as a woman. Sometimes, she has appeared that way, as have other traditionally male angels, such as Raziel.

It can be surprising sometimes.


I’ve seen Gabriel through out of body experiences as both genders or like, changing between them. Do you know if Gabriel has a serious personality?

Define what you mean by “serious.”

She can be just as serious as any angel, but she also has a lighter side, in my experience. She is the Angel of Vision and Prophecy, so sometimes she can be…um…weighty in her pronouncements.

One member here mentioned that when he evoked her right after evoking Belial, she immediately attacked the demon king so she does have some anger to her. Kinda made me wonder what the beef was between them lol

Michael, on the other hand, is always serious, almost solemnly so.


I mean serious as in the opposite of happy-go-lucky and making jokes. There was this one time when Gabriel said s/he would be my familiar if I was “good”. And I didn’t ask Gabriel specifically to be my familiar, I basically listed a bunch of names and asked if any spirit wanted to be my familiar :joy: didn’t expect that but ok
Also, I usually see the “archangels” as average people or harmless children, how come I see them like that, but others see a huge powerful being?

I would say it is your own subconscious interpretation of them. It’s similar to how Cherubs, or Cherubim, were depicted as chubby children in Renaissance paintings, even though in the Bible they are described as having four faces, three of which were of animals, four wings, and riding fiery wheels.

Oh, and I think you misunderstand what a familiar is. Familiars are generally a lesser spirit assigned by their superior to aid the magician in their work. They are loyal only to their superior and the magician to which they are assigned. An Archangel like Gabriel could be a mentor or patron, but she couldn’t be a familiar.


In my experience Gabriel said to me that she would “be my familiar if I was good”. And was super serious (extremely) so I was curious about what others had to say about their personalities. And you said earlier that the archangels are not superior to us and it’s their duty to help us so it doesn’t seem impossible to me.
Also by “child” I don’t mean like a cute chubby angel, I see a kid around 10(ish). No wings or anything like that. I see Michael as a child and Gabriel as an adult. Michael is half my size sometimes, that seems so odd to me.

What I said is that your subconscious interpretation of them is similar to how Cherubim were portrayed by artists, despite their descriptions in the Bible. Similar does not mean exactly the same. It’s your head, and your mind perceives the angels differently than others.

Be careful of impostors. Since you work intuitively, and not under any specific training or system, spirits masquerading as the angels can be a possibility. Since an archangel lowering itself to being a familiar goes against the most common experience of such a powerful being, I would question it.

Do you have any safeguards in place to ensure you are really interacting with the legitimate angels?

Well first of all, and I’m not sure if this counts but I do keep up an energy shield to protect me from negative influences, as well as a sliver amulet around my neck.
Also, whenever I’m out of my body and call them by name they come and you can feel their presence/energy and how they feel/treat me is pretty consistent and I always learn something after and never get any negative effects. So I trust it.
I also have an ever growing list of about 100 entities that gave me their names, some of which no one has heard of except for me. Sometimes I get names of entities that are supposed to be ancient gods and didn’t know even existed or even heard of until I Google the names for fun.

I understand how you would question me, trust me I did as well and for the longest time, I couldn’t believe Gabriel said that to me. And so I’ve trying my best to be “good”.

BTW: if feels so good to finally open up to someone, thanks for listening :smile:
PS: you will soon learn that I’m not like most people (for better or worse) you’ve probably heard that all before but you’ll see.


Good. Most magicians usually have some sort of safeguard in place. Some have wards set up, and some use scanning to make sure the spirits are legitimate. I have a shield that has a geas upon it that prevents any spirit evoked within it from acting against me.

I’ve been at this magick thing for a couple of decades now, and I question anything that flies in the face of the common experience of hundreds of other magicians with years of experience under their belts. This is the occult after all, and a lot of people just like to make stuff up for whatever reason. It’s especially common on internet forums like this one where people can pretend to be whatever they want to, so it’s not personal.

If you describe anything that contradicts the commonly agreed upon traits of a specific spirit, the first thing someone with experience will ask about is protection against impostors, so it’s good you have some.

Right, thanks for the advice. I’m curious about the wards you set up and the scanning you mentioned, what’s that?:hushed:
Id like to incorporate that into my work so I don’t get tricked by any mischievous spirit. I also like your way of thinking. I never really thought about it being an imposter but that is a possibility too.
(Even though I doubt it):thinking: I’m also not as experienced as you are so maybe you’re right :hushed:

Wards are basically sigils or servitors created and charged with the task of protection. Scanning is a method of energy awareness where you reach out and brush the energy of another being to get a sense of what it is and its intentions.

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Cool, I kind of do the scanning thing already, just didn’t know it was called that. And now I know about wards. Thanks it seems easy enough :blush:

(OMG I’m so happy I’ve already learned something and it’s only been a day on the forum) yay!:smile:

I’m gonna make some wards soon if I have time today, if not tommorow.

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Do you mostly call spirits while out of body?

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