Archangel Haniel for visualization

Have any of you worked with archangel Haniel To help with Visual imagination and visualization skills? How did that go for you? This isn’t something that I hear people talk about often on here. Please share here!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have not worked with Haniel, but I have worked with the angel Yisrael for improved visualisation.


Really? What was that like? How long before you noticed changes? And how vivid was your ability to visualize after the ritual?

I worked with both of these for 35 days, and well I still have Aphantasia. I believe they were both in Archangels Pathworking, Raziel’s Path of Power Volume 2.

-Yisrael-Increases your ability to visualize magic
-Cheziel-teaches you how to visualize


Ahhh that’s unfortunate. :pensive:

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If you have the ability to visualize, then go ahead and do the magick and trust it, if you are relaxed and do the ritual in a way that works then you will probably find your ability to visualize improve. Everyone’s experience with magick will be different, so the best is just to trust the magick and follow where it takes you :slight_smile: and if you have trouble with it, you can always do the ritual again at a later time. But don’t expect it to not work, if you trust it, it will.

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I did and everything I visualize is more detailed and realistic. The effects are supposed to increase in the weeks and months that follow.

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My ability to visualise improved a little, but I didn’t really put any work into doing visualisation exercises, so the effort probably wasn’t worth Yisrael’s time.

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