Archangel gabriel said it was breaking up spell

Archangel Gabriel Told me I was broke up with my fiance because his mother made a breakin up spell, he suddenly started to hate me out of no reason, he was not like that

What to do to make him turn back on his mother?
I do not want him back it been 3 years but I deserve revenge I did too muck things for him

I bought him cellphone I bought him many stuffs as present he turned into ungratefull person

You may want to do something that not only hurts him, but that fixes within yourself what has been damaged by that situation, which is more important than hurting him

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You are more of a Light worker, yes? Are there types of spirits you’d rather work with or rather avoid? That may help narrow down what you’re willing to do.

Ask The Archangel Gabriel for more advice .

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To be honest I would work with demons to get revenge

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I am going to ask him tonight

Like what ? @MagusOfGamaliel

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I had a similar experience with a woman, what I did was to ask Azazel what would hurt her the most. Azazel told me that it would not be a magical thing, but to face her and make her aware of what she did by making her to face it, but I was so broken that Azazel had to train me for three months in order to do that. When I finally did it, I won the argument and she asked me for forgiveness and admited everything that happened, plus thanked me for everything I did for her, then I never talked to her again. However, I didn’t feel healed at all, because things weren’t that forgiveable, thus I began with a program aimed to heal myself and make something good of what happened. For more than a year I worked with goddesses that were whores and with forces that were representative of whores; I militarized my sex life, every sexual act must be aimed to cast a spell; and finally, I worked with my inner jerk. I turned the memories of what happened into valuable historical knowledge and proof of the knowledge that Azazel taught me. I also did an extensive Qabalistic analysis of everything that happened. Now I’m a more wholesome person.
I asked Azazel for help because he is my main male figure among demons, but you might want to ask Lilith for help

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Sounds like a good plan , I hope it goes great

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Thank you for your advice