Archangel Gabriel for divination and scrying

I have to say that Archangel Gabriel has surprised me immensely with his assistance in divination. He has been the most consistent entity that i have worked with to date when it comes to these divination and scrying abilities. he shows what is to come without you having to asking him what you are looking for. he shows things that you will find out later that day that what you saw hours earlier just came to pass. and it can be on a global scale or personal.


How exactly did you work with him if i may ask?

More proof that Angels will still work with those who walk the LHP, being that you have worked with Belial before. When working with Gabriel, did you feel any judgement or hesitation from him or did he just focus on what he was showing/teaching you? I was told by someone else a while ago to not go with Gabriel, implying that he was also impatient and would fuck me up if I didnt pay attention… so its good to hear your positive experience of him.


i took his sigil. drew it out on paper. i meditated with my eyes closed till i felt myself sinking or falling. opened my eyes and i was already in the sync cuz i was seeing the plasma like green colors come in and out my field of vision, i then gazed at the sigil, i opened it and activated it. called him to come over and over again, when i felt him moving the paper with the sigil back and forth in front of me, i then looked up to my scrying mirror, and i began to see visions in it.

i also put his sigil under my pillow when i scry with the cieling. and i did this thing where i was really sleepy and i rolled my eyes slightly in the back of my head slightly but not all the way and i kid u not i was seeing visions that way. but that is just one way i could see visions. usually i just see visions in the “sync plasma” that fills my vision


you are absolutely right!! i had some reservations about working with angels BECAUSE of that reason. because i worked with demons in the past. and i felt that angels were not as powerful as a demon. but i was WROWNG!!! i did not feel any hesitation from him to help me at all. i immersed myself in him i looked up info on him and understood his abilities as an angel. he just focused on what i called him for. to show himself to me and to grace me with his abilities. when i scry with him i have no choice but to pay attention. i wouldnt have thought that an archangel fuck me up.LOL…unless i asked for it!and i am glad i had a positive experience with him. i feel myself more middle path. i want to have all around power. to call on a demon when i need to or an angel when i need to.


@NailOH Is this the way to call him?

That is one good method

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Yeah probably better than raziel for divination. I always work with her.

No he is such a lovely and gentle angel.