Arachnid Pathwork

Good afternoon everybody.

So I’ve been working under Lilith for a few weeks now. I’ve also been advancing in other so important self work. Just letting you know, if you too are involved in arachnid pathwork: we all live in this same universe. I have a teaching that the fire element taught me. Im sure you’ll prosper, because I am, and I’m loving it.

I saw some of my home spiders crawl to the ceiling. I thought they were dying. They just needed an answer. Last night as I was applying wisdom to all aspects of myself, I live third floor and there are many spiders in which guard me.

Guys, you guard these too. Every spider in your living space. You are aware of them, they are aware of you. They willprotect you because you’re family, so do the exact same.

I am keen on observing. I checked on my loves amd I caught sight if this black and yellow spider. It was big and intriguing, but… The flame element I finally attuned myself with woke me up in life, and it even,woke me,in in this pathwork with Lilith. The spider, if observed and not dismissed, I noticed it was just bulldozing through the webs throughout the balcony, knocking young and older spiders alike to the street. I smashed it and,it hit my balcony floor. It sounded hard, like…
Concentrated evil or something. I was furious when I learned of its true intention. So I profusely apologized to my babies, I picked up the spider and I ate it. It was veryhard to chew, and it was having effects on me.

They are aspects. You learn through light, you learn through dark. I ate it and since then I’ve been unwilling to rest. I have been resolving everything that’s been indefinitely holding back. I felt immense. So I knew that stuff like this may go hidden. Everybody is different. Understand that you learn through learning and you learn through experiencing. Watch the world around you. Your guardians love you. So become the force (and then some) that threatens your loves.

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Hail Queen Arachne, Queen Lilith and Queen Naamah :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and Hail Scorpion God Belial :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for this, Rav. All day I’ve been feeling an immense respect for a scorpion’s being and concept. I’m taking your comment as a means to contact Belial and others.

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