Arabic grimoires

I have the picatrix(English),book of deadly names(English) and the Shams al-maa’rif(Turkish).

Since the Arabic of those days and the standard of today can differ.
I’m aware of the works of Nineveh Shadrach.

Is it worth it to invest time in learning Arabic for having a better understanding of these books?

Anyone aware of other grimoires?

If you are going to work with the Picatrix I would say your time would be better spent understanding Renaissance astrology (if you aren’t already) as it is different than the modern astrology and is a basic foundation of that book. The Picatrix has recently caught my attention to and is forcing me to do a lot more research to put it all together.

I think he is a good author, even if some people criticize him. For me, it surpasses all the other authors of jinn magic, whose books I have read and I don’t like them at all. Even if he claims to be of the current of white magic, his work and knowledge are applicable to all types of djinns, even those of the 72 jinns in the smokeless fire book and for black magic. I follow these teachings very closely, even if English is not my native language. For those who want to learn Arabic magic there is no better way.

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Hi @Mystic_Z would you mind if i send you a pm? From all your previous posts i gather you are the best person to have knowledge on ny queery…some of it is a bit personal, from rukiyah to hijama,also target has definetely been doctored with using arabic magic

Yes, you can

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I wish to learn Sihir as well, but all legit books seem to be in arabic - particularly shams al maarif. Is there another way, or good books in english?