Approach to quickly get rid of Scumbag Boss?

Hi everyone, hoping to get some quick ideas from you all regarding a situation with a horrible boss. She has so far racked up a a major win against me which I have to ensure will be a pyrrhic victory. Now she’s trying to get another win on her scoreboard by attempting to deny me my much needed vacation leave.

Twice before I have done magick on her but no results. It maybe is worth mentioning that she has a 3 degrees including a PhD. in Christian based religious studies. Not sure if that means she may be a difficult target. In a previous career she was also a high-ranking member of a church. It is also worth mentioning that her boss is becoming sick and tired of her ineptitude BUT yet still this trash is still employed. I want her to be fired or be made to resign. Completely sick of her and she has been undermining me for a few years now.

Now I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with HR and this bitch, wondering what quick spells, rituals, approaches etc. would fit the bill.

I have the perfect ingredients for a sour jar and think I will do one for her tonight and channel my rage into it too. I am also thinking about petitioning a goetic spirit and presenting my case to them for her removal. I am feeling very annoyed, angry, drained and sad right now.

Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for your suggestions.


I would double up with a silence working (binding, silence enemies jar etc) to dumbfound her and make her display her worst flaws, lose her temper and out herself, and a sweetening working (honey jar, entities) for HR so you look great to them and don’t see any of what she has said against you as being real.

For the sweetending the same kind of working that do well for job interviews might work well. I called on Goetic entities including Berith to “hide flaws” which works even when you don’t know what those flaws are… tip, don’t set an end date for ongoing good fortune :slight_smile:

I also suggest Barbatos, to “be respected by those in power. Anybody who believes they are above you will be made to respect you and your work.”
… Hargrove, Corwin. Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from The 72 Demons (p. 50). Kindle Edition.


Lol funny you should ask her position was advertised yesterday which means that she should be going through the door soon BUT huge gap between cup and lip so I’m waiting to see. I know for a fact she will have difficulty finding another job and this one was a coup for her. So I know she’s doing everything to try and stay. This piece of shit has been making my life difficult still too the first working day on the year she sent an email attempting to justify why she’s continuing to deny my leave. We have been in a continuous back and forth email battle until I just stopped responding to this bitch. Would you believe she has sent two replies to me after I stopped replying too. I also resigned from the position I was promoted to mainly because of her protracted undermining. I’m confident she will leave though and a lot of ppl were shocked that her position was advertised.

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