So today I did a rite for apprenticeship under the nine gatekeepers because I like to make things official and something in the shadow raised its arm not me I can tell you that. And in front of a shadow looked a big bulky man. What do you guys think. I did ask the gatekeepers to oversee this.


Sounds legit, try talking with them


Did the gesture mean anything to you? Did you get any clairsentient information to go with this presence?

I knew it was one of the more powerful ones it was like it was saying we’re here

Awesome, congrats. :slight_smile:

Here’s to many more successful rituals.

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When they come to you you can try inviting them into you, or at least in and around your aura.
( At your own risk ). Might be dangerous.
You can say something to them, like: “come into me, please. Take possession of me”
Or modify it according to your own wishes.
This might increase telepathic and empathic communication.
Also a technique where you visualize your 3rd eye bright and a bright cord going from your 3rd eye to their 3rd eye, or whatever part you can connect the cord to them. Then run a ball of light from your 3rd eye, across the cord to their 3rd eye, or whatever the connection point is.
This technique is in the Joy of Satan’s Power Meditation Volume 2. Free ebook