Appreciation Post To All Of BALG

Appreciation To You All.

I’d like to say thank you and that I appreciate you all here, to the creators of all of this EA Koetting & Timothy Donahue. To the amazing authors Kurtis Joseph, Enoch Petrucelly, JD Temple, Orlee Stewart, JS Garret, EA, Asenath Mason, Bill Duvendack, Aseriel Krabat, Frank White, V.K Jehannum, Edgar Kerval and all the rest of them.

Let’s also not forget our amazing and hardworking moderators @Lady_Eva & @DarkestKnight not to mention all of you here who put in the hard work and amazing advice for neophytes and adepts alike. All of you who are even just beginning you all deserve a pat on the back for joining and collaborating on such a powerful family here at BALG.

Personally I’d like to thank you all who have appreciated and commented on my work here on the forum, on my Facebook page and now as a author for become a living god.

Thank you all brothers and sisters, this is something that just needed to be said :slightly_smiling_face:.


We thank you my man. For all these guides and experiences you share with us. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this forum wouldn’t be the same without you.


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:


Same! I love this place and I would never be where I am without this place and without people like you :heart::ok_hand:t4:


I’ll enjoy this space and say thank to you and to everyone involved in creat and keep this forum. To all members new and old. This forum makes this path a lot easier. I appreciate all the help I’ve received and I’ll keep trying doing my part in whatever I can :slight_smile:


I appreciate and thank everyone who has helped me with answers and kendall you are doing a great job


I agree. I have picked up so much here. Not just with spirituality but with the mundane as well. I also want to repeat others who have said thank you as well. You put alot out there that has helped tons of people including myself.


Yes!! Appreciation extended here too!
I’ve only started being active here today, even reading some off and on for a while but I can tell what a tight knit community this is already :black_heart: I’m liking it way better than Facebook and I can see why so many people spend time here.


And Connor, I’m very excited to see more of your work coming up! Your experience you shared in the transfiguration video with lucifuge was amazing and I know you have so much more to share!


Thanks Astrid Sister :slightly_smiling_face:

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Love your works , and i’m liking your vídeos

Got to say that i envy you for having a witch mother LOL

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Thanks for sharing all your knowledge @C.Kendall. You’ve put yourself out there for years and shared many of your deepest and darkest experiences. I’ve learned much from you in what has been - in some ways - the darkest year of my own life. For that I thank you. I suspect many others have also benefited.

I hope your post doesn’t mean that you are going away. But, if it means that you are finding new success and won’t have as much time, then in that case I’m very happy for you brother.


Hear hear!