Appreciation Post - Belial & Clauneck


I wanted to publicly thank and acknowledge Belial and Clauneck for helping me with my finances. Things are still not where they need to be but definitely getting better.

I initially made a pact with Clauneck but he quickly brought in Belial.
Belial and I have some history and had a bit of a falling out (atleast from my side). However, he swooped back in and was more than willing to help. He basically said “relax, no hard feelings”.

I wasn’t sure if they were both going to work together with me on this but a couple of days later I got my answer.

I ordered a new Belial sigil pendant online. However, when the pendant arrived, it came along with a Clauneck sigil pendant as well! They’ve now given me instructions on what to do with the pendants and other offerings. It’s like I can FEEL the shift happening.

I’m excited to continue working with them and will post more soon!!

Hail Belial! Hail Clauneck!


That’s brilliant, and yes, they’re both awesome in my experience! :smiley: