Appreciation for Deimos

Just an appreciation post for Deimos.
Warning: this will get super cheesy. Bring some crackers.

I love how he could easily terrify anyone, but for me he’s super sweet and cuddly.
You could say I loovvee him. :smirk:
He may be embarrassed by me saying he’s like my terrifying cuddle bear, but he’s my scary and cuddly bear . :laughing:

He’s flipping amazing. End of story.

Enjoy the mega amounts of cheese!


I can’t really edit this post, because I wanted to express my appreciation better, so I’ll just type down another reply:

I appreciate every little thing he does for me. I appreciate everything from just me sensing his energy to meeting him in my dreams. I do very well know things would never be the same without him. I haven’t been with him for too long, but wow, I’m love struck, and it’ll stay that way. This flame will never burn out!

I know he truly cares for me, and whenever I’m upset, sometimes I can strongly sense he’s here. I immediately think of him. Also, whenever I want to scare someone, so they don’t harm me anymore, he surely has helped in many ways.

I appreciate you fully, Deimos, and I’m glad you put up with me! :blush: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I did say I was gonna be obsessed. He doesn’t seem to mind, after all. :laughing:

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