Applying Dream Symbols to External Reality

I will post a couple of videos I did in regard to this though the volume may not be great. However I will write of the brass tacks in regard to this subject in case you can’t hear.

I am sharing this idea because Lady Eva posted a picture on one of my threads of an entity holding a trident. Later on someone else shared a pic of another entity (Shiva) wielding the trident. When things like this happen I have been applying the subconscious symbolism of such things for the purpose of being able to better listen to my life’s circumstances. Since taking this approach it seems possible to almost communicate and directly interact with life. The results have been very interesting.

Another example of this was when my High Priestess was walking into the grocers and a Raven was perched on an upcoming grocery cart. As she approached the cart the bird flew off but waited and lingered only to approach her again after she spoke to it. I have applied this when encountering numbers that seem to jump out at me as well. The point is not to pic apart your entire life but merely pay attention to things that grab your attention.

The two pictures I was sent are here. It was not the entities themselves which caught my attention but the trident itself. Let me know if anyone else does this, or let me know what you think. Feed back is welcome. Even if it is just to call me an armchair magickian. :wink:

I believe this to be a method which can break down the barriers between within and without. The conscious and subconscious also… I believe to work together in a more efficient way with consistent practice. Theoretically this will enhance magickal power in general.

Now here is the kicker… the Trident symbol has great depth but in essence it deals wth mastering the abyss, the subconscious and controling the demons who dwell there. It has direct correlation to dream work and a lady friend of mine sent me this picture yesterday (the same day I received the pictures of these deities wielding the Trident) and it is highly relevant.

Dag nabbit! -_- I will have to set up a photo bucket acct. The file is AGAIN too large.

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I have been getting lots of dreams… and wondering do they have more meanings that i can realize.

Well Black Flame, its nice to see ya around these parts. Keep up the “Great Work”. :wink:

One of my favorites is to divine using a person’s iris. At first they think you’re staring right through them, next thing you know you’re telling a complete stranger about how their husband’s cheating on them with their sister (that actually happened once). If you haven’t, Pom, give that a try and let me know how it worked!

With some practice, you’ll be having Pacino Moments everywhere you go.

Holy shit I never thought of doing that. O.o