Appearance issues

Can we settle for a middle ground here?

Hating yourself will not get you closer to your goal, so yes, you could say self-acceptance is the first step. And it is not healthy to seek for an unnatural perfection and never be pleased with yourself.

Also this:

But beauty (and attractiveness) is not completely subjective, not an illusion and is not only in the eye of the beholder.
It follows universal standarts and we are all drawn to it.

I recommend watching this film, it is worth every minute:


Not exactly. We can all agree that a fat bastard rife with acne who possesses a receding hairline does not qualify as “attractive” nor “beautiful”. There’s a reason “genetic lottery” exists as a term. We can also reach a majority agreement that a countryside landscape or vista is beautiful, regardless of the cultural, religious, ethnic, or racial variables. There will always be exceptions, of course.

Art and architecture is subjective, yes. But there is a phenomenon in which we are collectively drawn to the resonance of a particular conceptualisation or natural formation which we believe qualifies as “beautiful”.

Yes finally someone who gets it, looks are definitely not subjective

It seems that way but that’s not the fundamental nature of reality. It takes some self-knowledge to see it and considerable willingness to change (i.e. surrender the “old man”) to see a stable change in condition.

I have literally changed reactions towards others from attraction to repulsion by shifting my consciousness effectively. There are many people that others find attractive that I do not (even without shifting my habit of consciousness). I think that’s a worthwhile experiment, see if you’re willing to surrender your attachment to the feeling of beauty and allow it to shift to revulsion. I assure you it can be done as easily and “naturally” as you find beauty attractive.

The exceptions mean we don’t know the rule.

If you are making a conscious effort to alter something it is not natural. The problem with this concept is that the more thinking that is involved in the observing process of some-thing (before it is sanctioned as beautiful or repulsive in the consciousness), the more disingenuous the final definition due to human fallibility.

If you are actively trying to alter your perception of beauty or ugliness, of course you are going to be able to do it. The Little Albert experiment proved this. But it doesn’t change the fact that you experienced the initial and brief “wow” or “urgh”, which manifested in the physical response of a tear or gag-reflex before you started thinking on an analytical level.

Not necessarily. Not everything makes sense or has an order to it. Some things are just random, and that randomness bleeds into ordered systems.

work on your inner self love. All the facial appearance has to do with your inner heart of self love. The body projects your inner self. The face will adjust to your life style.
If you have many depression and states of negative emotions, the skin and body will adjust to that. People will look older if they are often in emotional stress. People who are stress free and care free and have abundance and are happy will have a shinier reflection of their appearance. Even if it’s for a week or so of being happy because you had something good happen to you. That week, you will appear to be more healthy and loook younger. The state of mind make it so. Also good rest and staying hydrate helps.

You may also notice that some of your friends who don’t have things going their way or just broke up. They look shitty most of the time. It’s just the energy they create , no choice of their own but through circumstance of bad luck, it shows in their face and body. Worry makes people look older.

So one of the keys to having people see you positive in light is how you carry yourself /attitude and energy.

Principles is from face reading. people’s face change due to their character. Those that are evil in heart have certain facial features pop up. An example would be mole just appear in certain areas of face or body. Mole in different areas tell different story or trait of person or even their luck. People are born with certain innate energy. that energy affects appearance in face reading. some energy you can’t change as it’s part of person internal essence. some you can change. =o)

The demon Marbas can help you to cast a glamour, basically you use your imagination with his powers to appear more attractive

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And how did something unnatural make its way into nature?

Okay, are you sure order is independent of your perception of it? What is randomness doing in an ordered universe? I think our understanding, even looking at it from your point of view, is too too limited to come to this conclusion. Even “I don’t know” would be a better baseline.

Ask yourself, as a being capable of contemplating its own mechanics and despair. We are matter that is aware of the fact that it is matter, yet we made our way into the classification of “natural” when we are in fact “supernatural”, in the most haunting sense of the word. The birth of the human race was a random, evolutionary blunder for no reason.

Why do paedophiles have an impulse to rape children?

It can’t be independent to me because of how I think. For existence to have order it needs to have meaning and purpose, a goal in which the order in question is geared towards. And well, I am a pessimist and nihilist thinker, so that answers that question.

It is a contradiction, isn’t it? It doesn’t make sense, which is why human existence doesn’t make sense when thought is properly given.

I believe the universe to be both ordered and random. It has fundamental laws and equations that can be observed and quantified, but also a vast array of random variables which are impossible to calculate.

Okay, I see where you are coming from now: it’s nearly identical to my perspective. We do use different words though.

Thanks a lot for all the replies. The topic is pretty old, but I got already my desired weight (President Marbas, Angel Opfaal); pure and smooth skin and totally changed my habits.

It was a very long work, since whenever somebody’s not feeling well emotionally or experiences other difficulties in life - it has its outer expression. With the help of my spiritual family and you, friends here on BALG forum, I achieved great results. Thank you :blue_heart: