Appearance issues

Hello there,

I have some appearance issues. I am not overweight but have several pounds to loose and I am fighting with them for a long time and at the end of the day just starving to death for junk food and always fail to follow my diet. I have always looked younger for my 40y but for the last several months all of a sudden my face got older.

Do you have any idea which spirit should I address with a request to help me with my feminine beauty issues? I was thinking about Lilith. However I am not quite sure. Thanks a lot.


I think Aphrodite would be very helpful.


Hathor, as well, search my posts for Hathor candles and you’ll find some ideas for ways to make contact. :smiley:

Unasked-for recommendation for what I think is the best diet and fitness site on the web:

Unasked-for resources for toning your face:


Thank you!


I think the first step in all of this is self-acceptance. Learning to be pleased or at least at peace with things as they are because no amount of changes in physical appearance will be useful if they don’t produce lasting changes in consciousness. Consciousness is the only reality. Your attractiveness is 100% based on your individual self-concept.


If you look at successful charismatic people, they often have irregularities, but they project self-assurance, of whatever kind best suits them. Worth remembering as well that people will take you on your own estimation of yourself most of the time, so if you feel unhealthy/unattractive, that’s what people will pick up.


I want an update on this. What did you try and how did it work for you?

Hello @Aprentiz and thank you very much on your interest on that. Unfortunately I failed. At the beginning when I joined this forum I put I list of the areas in my life that needed change and my looks was one of them. I put too much energy on other issues where I met strong resistance but I still believe I’ll succeed and have accepted that when I’m happy again I’ll be beutiful again. Saying that I don’t want to discourage others who want to work with same entities to regain their beauty. For myself I just need to sort out other things and failed working on everything at the same time.


Fair enough, I send love and success your way:)

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Thank you! I felt it :hugs:

That’s bullshit

Which part?

I think you were on to something and like what you said in your earlier post. If you read the posts by @Supernatual, you will see that this person from my perspective is not in a good place.

I would imagine that someone who disagreed with your post would at least support their point of view with some kind of facts to back up a claim, otherwise they are just empty words.

The choice of words in their response hide their underlying anger and frustration to the truths you spoke, in other words “Hit a nerve”.

Geez no, I never realized he responded, but yeah my response to him is self acceptance does nothing, attractiveness is based on physical features, voice, talent, height etc

It only seems that way, it isn’t actually that way. To be fair, even being attractive is an illusion–it’s not actually that way. To understand this requires genuine self-knowledge.


Nah your just speaking nonsense, what’s next? If I’m super confident, I can walk through walls and go fuck ariana grande and later on kendall Jenner, since attractiveness is an illusion

Confidence works best when we use the word yes! :sunglasses:


I talk only nonsense because that is where the truth truly lies. Again, the examples you’ve put forth are all based on what you can genuinely accept to be true. What you cannot accept to be true is very, very hard to experience but perhaps not impossible. As for attractiveness being an illusion, I have been able fully reverse my response to stimulus, i.e. shifting states effectively to make something that looked beautiful feel instantly and naturally repulsive. That part, I can fully assure you of based on my personal experience. It’s pretty easy to reverse that. It can therefore apply to anyone else. However, the illusions of space, individuality and status are not that easy to bust because we constantly operate using them.
What remains eternally true is that consciousness is the only reality because literally nothing takes place outside of it.


You’d need a stable consciousness backing that “Yes” up. Words don’t really change much without the consciousness backing them.

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