Apology to Bune

I attempted an evocation of Bune before I was ready and didn’t put forth the effort that I should have. I would like to publicly apologize to Bune for not taking the time to do it properly with the respect it deserves and wasting her time.
I have learned that communing with a spirit just can’t be done off the cuff or without the proper forethought.


Why not? I’m not disagreeing, but I’m interested in knowing why you think this.

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It’s like asking for a favor from a complete stranger you just met. These are ancient spirits and there should be a certain level of familiarity developed before asking them to do something for you. I felt afterward that I had been disrespectful.


For a first meeting or a formal request I would agree that can be seen as rude. As familiarity develops though the game changes. I’ve had to be aware of my thoughts recently as too much towards reaching out will get their attention. A sudden spirit induced dizzy/heaviness can be dangerous while driving or certain other physical activities.

They do like to be treated with familiarity after a while. Sometimes a quick invocation before a delicious meal out, or using their enn for a boost of courage or to calm your nerves seems to mean a lot. If you want warmth and intimacy it’s a “give and you shall receive” situation. Though keep in mind that warmth, intimacy, and familiarity vary widely between individuals. Unintended toilet evocation does happen…Yes, it’s awkward for everyone.


Do another evocation and offer Bune some oranges with an apology. (:


I have been working with Azazel frequently. He has come around without being called and sometimes hangs around after an evocation. I asked his permission to use his enn in the manner you describe. He has no problem with it.


That’s interesting. Even though this is kind of a given, I rarely see any prerequisites for communicating with spirits being encouraged out there, especially not anything on decorum. Makes me think a lot of occultists are assholes for this.

However, the culture surrounding the Goetia seems to suggest otherwise. It’s as if you’re expected to jump right in.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your intent was good.

Just evoke Bune with some Honey, Oranges and Chocolate and you will feel the loving energy.

Bune is amazing