Apologies to the Grand Duke Sallos

I am still very new and in quite a bit of situation in my life which is love related and I felt that Duke Sallos can help me unite with my husband. I miss him so much and I don’t know what did I do to deserve what I am suffering. I’m sorry I degrees.

I want to publicly apologize to the great Grand Duke Sallos. If you have seen my first post he gave me a sign that he was ok working with me to help with my situation and gave me the sign I asked for. Im not sure exactly what i did but I guess I got so wrapped up in my own shit that I forgot to give Duke Sallos what was promised for him to start communicating with my husband and hence I paid the price and there was absolute silence from his side.

For the past 2 days I had a feeling that I did something cz of which the communication stopped. I apologized to him while chanting his enn and creating his sigil in my mind and sure as hell he again gave me the sign that I did miss something and had upset/pissed him off. So here I am giving public apology to the Duke, I never wanted to take anything for granted and I never will and be more careful. I have nothing but respect to all the help received and will be making a formal petition soon (it’s difficult since I do not stay alone) and make the due offerings. Please keep your support with me Duke Sallos. Thank you!


Overdoing it a bit on the grovelling there, no?

You didn’t do what you planned, ok, so stand up, shake it off, explain you didn’t meant it once and move on. Have some self respect.

If you see yourself as lesser and powerless you will be and your magick will fail too. You’re stronger than this, show it.


Is it? Grovelling came across from that?
If I am apologizing publicly is cz it was a fault at my end. I did explain and from the sign he is ok with it and I am now fulfilling my side of deal. Self respect is there but if I was in his shoes and I didn’t get what was promised then I would like sincere apology and that’s exactly what I was going for.

But I totally understand your point and you are right and will try to be a little more strong and not fuck up either :slight_smile: appreciate your inputs