Apologies to all and something else

I apologize with everyone offended with my topic or topics, about my problem… it got fixed, thanks to the few for the help,
But i am back from the ban with a new problem and i hope this is my last topic so i wont “disrupt” the community…
i need suggestions to think about something that is burning my head and my being,
i was speaking telepatically with Lilith, i called her again 20 days ago,ill try to make everything short
i cant remember excactly what we were speaking, i was making fun of her probably, sorry i will never change :wink:
and i was talking with her, i was in the backseat of a car. i was driven to my home and suddenly a loud and grim voice told me: “i allow you to do anything you want”
the voice came from the center of the car
the depth of the voice and the power of it obviously scared me, but however im stick to the idea of doing things right for me and for everyone else of course to my limited judgement. do you guys think it was a high tier god?, or what he meant to say?, that idea of doing anything i want doesnt fit on my self, im trying to be part of that madness, but i cant (there is a lot to discuss here but lets save it for later). also moments later i got mad at life and all and i started to insult god and everything nothing happened 1 day later i think
i said to my self i am the adversary, this creation is stupid its a circus some insane god did everything for the fun, and when i went to a store to buy some beer i hear him again the same depth voice i dont know what he told me because i really didnt want to hear him because i had fear of what i told,
what i heared was “”#"$"%%"#"#!#$%# i know you heared me" i asked to lilith what he told me? minutes later and she told me “he said have more fear to a god than people”. this is actually true i am a very shy person and my fears to people are more than god or gods. i just know that lilith and “X god” arent the same because the way lilith spoke with me was way different, so do you guys believe it was a high tier god trying to warn me about my acts, or some spirit trying to make fun?


You were reminded of your Free Will.


If you are doing anything stupid, stop it. It doesn’t take great wisdom to figure that out. And I think just because you criticise creation and God’s, I don’t think they will demand respect like bullies ( if they do, then they don’t deserve it in the first place).

Most likely you are being reminded of your free will. Or some jerk spirit is messing with you.