Apologies and thanks to King Paimon

I would like to publicly apologise to King Paimon for my attitude towards him. Even though he was helpful and loving, I was unjustifiably afraid of him for several months after my evocation to him. I would also like to thank him for being so understanding towards me even though I was so ungrateful to him. Even in fear I respected you immensely.
Thank you my King.


I’m sure King Paimon understands your feelings and supports you.


I had the same experience with Lilith, she ended up understanding. If you feel like you need to say it to King Paimon, you can always apologize genuinely, that is what I did. Like say it out loud, as if King Paimon was sitting down across from you.

I’m sure he won’t mind it is a thing we all must learn at some point.

Good post man :smile:


This is so sweet. I am sure everything is alright!


King Paimon will know your intentions and everything you keep hidden. Ancients just know.

He will understand. I was the same with Lucifer at first,despite him never lying to me and helping me. Time helps resolve this and experience