Apollo's circle reading

I read Apollo’s circle and we ended up here

I wasn’t going to look into the mirror but he insisted.

I saw a Golden arrow. It looks similar to this


And I saw myself

I saw people but they didnt look solid… Like ghosts , sorta like this

I don’t know what any of this means. I looked solid and the arrow looked solid but the ghosts were swirly and kinda pale and see through like the picture.

Idk what it means. But Apollo is known for arrows …


But apparently he can bring ill health and deadly plagues with his arrows so that might explain the arrow and the ghosts


I think you have to look whoithing yourself for the meanings
but also to me it means you might be pointing nowhere

like maybe you didnt have a specific topic you wished to know about so the arrow points to nowhere and everywhere (ghostly shapes)

so if this is so you might want to ask for something specific you want to look at
like the arrow would suggest you to pick a specific target

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I wasn’t planning to look into the mirror at all. Apollo insisted.

I read his circle because he insisted. And that is where I ended up. I didn’t want to read into it at all.

I have no desire to.

Apparently it’s something Apollo wants to know.


The arrow is for a bow. I do know that. It’s not like an arrow saying go this way or that. It’s design for a bow.

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But Apollo’s flames were wild though. I’ve never experienced flames like those just walls and walls of white, yellow and orange flames. I had to really push to get through… It was like when trying walk through water with a current pushing against you. And you feel that resistance. But I got through it. And then it took off. It’s always intersting when I find a circle that goes places …

The mirror felt like looking through a dark well … Kinda like on movies when they scry into dark water. But the arrow was super solid and so was I. The ghosts swirl around.

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You’ve sparked my curiosity Arianna, what is a circle? Is it similar to an aura?
If this is a stupid question my apologies, im new to the occult. I know what your reffering to is’nt a normal circle but thats about it.

I can read magicians magick circles. And gods I have read Set’s and now Apollo’s. I can tell alot by the make of the design. I know Apollo is very powerful just by the design of his circle and how hard it was to push myself through. I can observe circles from the outside or I can walk through them.

Generally reading a magicians circle I can see what they are doing or the direction they should go.

When I read a gods circle they tend to like taking me places. Ive had many adventures reading Sets circle. Apollo’s circle was an interesting experience for sure.


Oooh that sounds like a very useful ability! Im sure you can easily walk through my circle then. I wonder what mine looks like :thinking:
Maybe I can meditate and try to see what it looks like.
Thank you for the information Empress_Arianna, I hope you have a good night! :slightly_smiling_face:

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