Apep's name in a dream. Am I being messed with?

Last night I had a dream where I repeatedly saw the name Apep. I did a little research and found out who he was. This has happened before with different spirits and they are always old gods. I would see them or be made aware of them in a dream.
I find it hard to believe that Thoth, Odin, The Morrigan and Apep would all have an interest in anything I’m doing. Especially since I’ve pretty much only worked with demonic or goetic spirits. Especially since I have not sought out any of these beings or worked with their paths at all. Makes me think there is something trying to steer me from what I have been working on.

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You could have a past connection involving them, I’ve had experience and past connections with all the beings you mentioned first with Thoth and Apep, then the Morrigan and Odin. Them showing up isn’t always them reaching out to you, but it could also be what I mentioned with past connections or varying symbolism with each that may have a place in your path.


I hadn’t thought of that. Haven’t really done ant past life work.

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This made me remember the book “Sekhem Apep” by Michael W. Ford.

You should look into it, specially if you are interested in vampyrism/predatory magick.

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