Anyway to remember the things i did when i was drunk?

For the first time in my life i have gotten so drunk that i cant remember anything
Cause i was with people i got some info

But i still wanna make sure i actually did all those things or rather i just wanna remember

You would probably have to already have the skill to do this to use it reliably at such short notice. I would suggest looking into learning remote viewing, as you can view events in the past.

But to do this I recommend learning it with neutral (but fun and interesting) targets first, and viewing yourself only after getting measurably good feedback, like say 80% accuracy first, or you could easily be only weaving fairy stories for yourself.

If you already know how much is likely accurate you’ve got a good chance of being able to trust most of the UPG you get. This situation is harder because people have already given you info, which is called “pollution” of the target, so even if what they described is a bit off you can invent it based on their description, second guess yourself and distort the reading.

On a non-magick note. Trust me it is better not to know.
My brain always remembered what I did no matter how
drunk I got. It was a curse and not a good thing.