Anyway to help my dog?

Hi all,

My dog who is now 2 years old was born with severe scoliosis and his spine is all twisted in an S shape, on top of that one of his back legs is twisted the other way around. Don’t get me wrong, he is a happy champ and gets around using his front paws and sometimes manages to use the “good” back leg. But I was just wondering if there was any energy work that I could do or any entity I could summon to help him regain some if not total good physical condition?


Consult with demons my brother got covid 19 demons cured him of his coronavirus, so go speak with demons on the Matter at hand :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: have a nice night I pray for your dog :dog2:

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Thank you @Traveler6973

No problem anytime

massage . pets need massage too. just like humans . it’s a tune up. More so for people or pets who have physical issues. plenty love goes a long way for the pup.

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Thank you @anon37593562. Believe me, he is loved so much. He is the symbol of real strength in my eyes. Sometimes I see him as so much more than just any other dog. Despite his conditions and the many meds he needs to take (he is a French Bulldog so has also got respiratory issues but the homeopathic meds he is on make him breath good and take any big pain he might feel away), he is the best. How would you suggest I massage him? And should I put my energy into his chakras to aid healing? If so, which one in particular? Solar Plexus maybe? Or should I just concentrate on the bad physical parts instead? Or both?

Chat with demons they would be experts in the field of energy, don’t do It yourself a failed attempt could lead to dogs health being worse as to this direction of
Mental problems, more physical problems etc, DO not be fooled by ur ego by reading something believing you know exactly how to direct energy into your pup leading to a bad experience ending In your blaming yourself, guilt, anxiety, depression, dogs death etc. I’m just being realistic you could add too much energy into your pup or mess up his chakra system balance ruining so much good night :crescent_moon: sleep well give the dog a hug and tell him traveler says hello :wave:

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You’re right, I might be too over confident. Who do you think is best suited to deal with this? Or shall I just get in contact with the entities I already spoke to before (unrelated matters to this topic) like Lucifer and King Paimon?

Yeah speak with Lucifer you can ask him if He can direct you to a spirit that is an expert in the field of healing physical, mental, emotional healing make sure when you’re directed to a spirit that specializes in that department make sure to ask if you can be taught how to heal mental physical emotions spiritual problems, that way you won’t run into another experience similar to this one good luck man on your journey piece

Hail Lucifer

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Awesome, thank you all for the tips :slight_smile:

Have a good day y’all