Anyway to Detect One of These?

The kind of nutjob that writes it, that is.

Read the thing. Most of the qualities mention I possess, but I am no slacker. I will work for my demonhood/godhood, and I will build myself upon the bones of the fallen.

So, I figured this: These guys have no real power anyway. Any vamps out here that have a method for detecting these bastards, which are little better than Christian ministers? I’d so love to break one to the ground and say “Look how your god saved you now.”

Freaks. I’m calling open season on them, so if anyone wants to join me in a hunt…

First paragraph on that site’s home page:

Update 27 January: Moving House, available again end of February Dear friends, the last 4 months have been a nightmare as my current home has become uninhabitable and I experienced stalking and constant harassment at my location. I have now no choice but to move. I am in the middle of packing up a fairly large and complex household with cats and dogs under foot. While I am packing and organising the move I unfortunately do not have time to read or answer e-mails nor do any one on one work. I am going to a better environment, a quieter and more peaceful place which will enable me to pick up my spiritual work and be there for you in full capacity again.

I apologise to all for the inconvenience caused. I know many of you are in severe need of help but right now my own existence is threatened and I need to get out of here before worse happens. Once moved I will be fully available again and pick up work.

In other words, yet another love & light merchant talking big about Eternal Light and yet struggling to find coins for the electric meter… how can anyone have the incredible hubris and lack of insight to think they can HELP someone else, from a place of such flailing victimhood?!

I also notice there’s been no update since - I’m not saying this to be a bitch but because as I’ve said before, the western half-baked adoption of mystical concepts known on their home turf to be the rightful territory of renunciates and mystics results in serious material harm and spiritual confusion, probably at least as bad as some newb black magician pissing off a demon.

These people leap into the centre of a flowing river, and wonder why they get swept away - and they think it can’t hurt them because it’s “good” and they’re “nice” and “trying to help others”…

Hail black magick!

And down with this fucked up, muddle-headed semi-RHP half-arsed bullshit.


That’s why I’m trying to detect one in the street. Anyone with that kind of mindset deserves to go in a lake of fire.

As it’s been said countless times before on this forum,


You’re bringing out my inner teenager, I want that in some demonic script on a t-shirt NAOWWW!!1!!! lol

I might actually seriously think about that…

I’d buy one of those, certainly!

If you do actually make a few of those, I’m Order #1