Anything I should know about materialization

So ea koetting has covered materialization In his latest video I was wondering is anyone had further knowledge on this subject

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His earlier videos go in-depth, and the Mastering Evocation course is very comprehensive.
I think if would be a good idea to ask specific questions here… what do you want to know that isn’t covered in the topics so far?

Can you evoke an apple and eat it?
That is true godly power. Being able to summon things from the astral and permanently make them physical

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Yeah that’s what I meant not evoking spirits

I’m sure this will teach me how to materialize objects too?

It seems that during some seances with powerful mediums, physical or astral objects may be materialized. Provided that it’s true, the same result should be possible with magical operations. However, the structuring of Spirits may indeed lead to directly imagine a goal, and vice versa doing the latter (for example in sigil spells) trains for the first “thing” in evocations.


I think what you are talking about is what some Eastern mystics are said to be able to do, that is manifest something out of nothing.

In the book Mystic Wisdom of the Masters, MG Hawking describes having seen a monk pull precious gems out of the air, and there are said to be modern gurus in India who are able to do the same.

However, I have never read an account of any magician, black or white, being able to do so. The closest thing I know of is EA’s Devil’s Stone ritual but it is not quite the same thing.


In EAs newest video he said he could change
The physical make up of an object using this specific technique and I was wondering if anyone who seen the video could elaborate it better for me

Oh, I haven’t seen the video so I can’t say. However, changing the physical make up of an object doesn’t sound like “materialization” to me, so perhaps I misunderstood your title.

Well that’s what ea calls it he called it that when you manifest an object he uses the same technique for all of it

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Link the video.

I wonder how it differs from the Devil’s Stone.

What does the ritual have to do with chakras?

No the technique is in the video on how he materializes

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He also had an interview where he talked about this being his goal. I don’t know where it is though

you can guide it?


Yes, how does one actually materialize things out of thin air? It seems to defy the known laws of physics as we know it.

Unless it is actually a form of teleportation, which something is transported from one physical place through an alternate dimension into another place in this physical reality.


No. It is just providing immense amounts of energy into an astral object until it becomes physical.


Anyone good at intense visualization and energy manipulation should be able to do this with only a little practice.