Anyone working out of The Anthology yet?

Come on guys spill the demonic beans!
Who here is doing any of the path workings from the book?

I know Anima Noire’s interview caught my eye and I can’t wait to work it.

So tell us what you can!


I have read a few of the articles…I have a lot to go still to be honest with personal things occupying my time at the moment…I have also been wondering about the lack of posting concerning this Anthology myself…I posted a dream I had but no one really voiced any thoughts on it. If anything else comes up I will gladly share…I am still feeling the effects of my personal Saturn alignment ritual, and I also charged a talisman during that time I still would like to work with…Too many plans, not enough time, or maybe too much procrastination…

Well at least you’re keeping busy!
My Saturnian working isn’t going as planned.
Some of the things I did backfired and I’m still trying to figure out what to do about it.

For now I’m awaiting my book and plan on working out of it along with a certain entity that seems to be mentioned quite a bit in the book.

Good luck with your workings Sonata!


I’m reading though it. There is a common thread among several of the articles, and I do not mean just LHP or daemonic focus. I do not think it was just random chance, and I’m interested in what these correspondences might reveal.

That said, I’ll probably re-read most of them a few times before I put into practice what I think will work best for me.

As far as there being a common thread through some of the articles,I noticed in EA’s video showcasing the book that there are a lot of essays having to do with Lucifer.
Not to mention the ritual EA is performing to open a gateway for Lucifer to come through.

I wonder how these things are connected…

Does anyone know if the symbol on the front of the book is going to be talismanic like EA’s other grimoires?

:smiley: I planed on doing Anima’s ritual this weekend. as long as it remains a lonely night lol. I have desided to devote myself on the primal current so I feel I should do this one b4 I do my initiation ritual. ill let you all know how it goes after I notice the outcome weather it fails or works or Blows up in my face.
plus Anima is supper hot lol or is that just me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anima has a series of rituals I thought.
Can they all be done in one night?
(And yes her accent and personality make her pretty damn hot lol)

It is a series in its own way. the way I see it is that the other parts are all for charging your tools and yourself for the main ritual. and that ritual can be done multiple times with the charged tools that should only be used with this working. so yeah they can be done in one night that’s kinda how it seems to be written out to me. but I will read it through twice more before I actually start. Im having trouble finding reasonably priced soapston candle holders so I desided to carve some myself. other then that im all ready set. update… I will not be able to perform this ritual as of yet… a chick desided to come over … fml honestly I don’t want a woman, lol something has been doing pleasant things to me in the mourning and honestly all I want in a woman is sex I never needed companionship… but I also believe everyone should have a chance.

I just received my copy yesterday!
Gonna try and do Anima’s ritual this weekend.

Michael W Ford’s articles are peaking my interest as well.
I’m gonna work his stuff after I perform Anima’s ritual.