Anyone work with Brigid?


I felt a pull to Brigid this morning when I found a video about her. I’m going to think about it more before acting, but I might ask her to be my matron. Has anyone worked with her before? What should I expect? What is she like? I know she’s a mother-like goddess but what is she like more specifically than that?


She is definitely maternal, but also, just no-nonsense. I once wanted to see her, and she set up a dream where I was forced to see my own limitations. But she is also full of love. If you feel a pull to her, it is her wanting you to reach out to her, imo. I’ve come across a few people saying she chooses who she works with. I agree with them. I don’t think of her as the kind of goddess that just accepts all invitations to work with her. At least not without some kind of effort on the part of the petitioner.


I haven’t worked with her goetia-style, but she features heavily in Wicca and Druidry and I learned about her via the druidic path. Phillip Carr Gomm, author and Chief at OBOD probably has interesting stories about her. Just noticed OBOD now has forums as well, I might check those out.

There might be something in the European Paganism category, or others could help… come to think of it I’ll move this there to make it easier to find.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve worked with her on and off for a couple of years and shes proven to be an invaluable ally. This has shown to be especially true if your practice is dark and or infernal in nature. It helps to have a powerful force of hearth and home to balance out some of the more riveting and intense experiences. Not to mention shes very powerful. Much to my regret ive under estimated her in the past and hope to make ammends in time. :slight_smile:


@Lupa should be able to help with info on brigid.


I’ve always had a warm feeling when reading about her ans intend to work with her this Winter.

She has a Warrior Aspect like most Celtic Gods. She has a strong association with Fire and has a loving yet no nonsense kinda Vibe. She seems like an advisor to me.


All Celtic deities generally choose who they are want to work with. They will help the Practioner in an area or show up for a certain time of their life but they choose who they want to work in depth with.