Anyone with experience using servitors to get better at FPS games?

Has anyone here used servitors to get better at first person shooter games? Ive been thinking of doing it but I wouldnt know how to “feed” the servitor. The experience doesn’t have to be with using servitors,it could be with using any type of magick if youve used it to get better at FPS games. Anyone got any tips about this topic?


You can feed it anything from ambient energy to data to even its own success.


Thanks. So i could feed it using kills i get on other players?




You’d do better to make an image of yourself that you can merge with, to draw that energy in. If it’s just a servitor doing it, you may as well pay some genuine gamer in a poor country to game for you.

There are NLP techniques for stuff like this which border on servitor creation:


Demons or other spirits certainly can help here


Which demons would you reccommend?

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I’ve used magick to improve my skills many times, with great results. You still need to practice, study professionals, and learn from your play, but magick will help you do this more effectively and will make the process overall more enjoyable.

If I may, I recommend Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand. This was actually my first grimoire, and it will teach you all that you need to know about creating servitors, including their appearance, a sigil and incantation, how to assign them precise and effective powers, how to feed them, a ritual for their creation, everything you need to know to get the magick working.

On a more mundane note, a few tips - find a group of other players around your skill level, but preferably at least slightly better. You won’t learn very well from playing with scrubs (unless you are currently a scrub yourself), and you also won’t learn well from getting absolutely dunked on by much better players. Avoid “ladder” whenever possible. If you really want to get good, you need an environment with other players also try-harding, so scrims and tournament play appropriate to your skill level.

If I were to have you remember only one thing, though, it would be that practice does not necessarily make perfect. Effective, deliberate practice is what matters, not the sheer number of hours you put in. Also I hear aimlabs in the steam workshop is pretty good.