Anyone willing to help a soldier out?

Hello one and all. I’ve been practicing for awhile now (different studies) but recent events have prompted me to be more social. I’m a transitioning serviceman and looking, hopefully to find plenty of new perspective and knowledge to encourage new growth and development. I’m actually making a sacrifice (my first, not looking to make a pact just asking a blessing and get to know him) to Belial tonight red wine, fruit, tobacco (from one of my favorite cigars), blood, and gold (funny story). Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions? I’m very interested in Demonolatry in the context of Satanism, Traditional Satanism to be specific. However anything informative and practice enhancing is welcome. I look forward to hearing from the community.


Welcome to the forum.

welcome and its great to see another person in the service

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The Order of Nine Angles. Study everything, particularly their earlier, David Myatt material. Codex Saerus is a classic.


Thank you friend. I can tell this is going to be an interesting and enlightening experience in a positive way.

Hell yeah, likewise and thank you. Immensely interesting place here.

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i agree