Anyone willing to do spells for others..?

I have attempted to do my own, one that I saw on here and greatly liked but with everything happening I’ve been so depressed and very unable to fully focus on anything… just at that very empty feeling…
I was hoping someone may be able to help me with the guy I care about… I’ll gladly pm the whole scenario if anyone is willing to help… :broken_heart:
I would love to have him back…


You have to be cool though.



We get asked to magick for others a lot, but, unfortunately, there is no way we can accommodate all those who ask. We just don’t have the time nor inclination to do so.

Please don’t have any expectations of members running to your rescue and be appreciative if someone decides to take the time to help you out.


That’s right! Don’t expect people to run to your rescue or answer your urgent questions seriously, OR ELSE. :smiling_imp: :zap:

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It’s understandable, everyone has their own lives and their own issues going on. It’s always worth a try though and of course I’d be very grateful if someone was able to really help me :heart:

In my opinion, magic is strongly tied to emotion such as anger,hatred and love,… Thus if someone doesn’t have anything feelings for u, no magic will work at all.


There is no harm in asking :slight_smile:

However, we have had people come on here in the past demanding members do spells for them, so I always try to make sure anyone who asks for magick to be done for them understands that no one has to do anything, and anyone who does is choosing to do so on their own.

Good luck to you!


I understand. :heart: I don’t expect anything, just being very hopefully at a hard time…
thank you :relieved:


You should be expecting though, or else the forum is useless. This can’t just be a place to stroke egos afterall.

This is a place where people offer advice based on their experience, and instruction ,so you can do the magick yourself. It is not a place, and has never been a place, to go shopping for wizards free of charge.

Rituals take time and effort on the part of the magician. Expecting them do it without recompense just because someone needs something is expecting too much. No one here is a professional sorcerer and can give up doing their own thing to do magick for someone else.


Useless for leechers, yeah. We don’t exist to be servants for newcomers. As @DarkestKnight said, the primary purpose of the website is to share information. Most regular users here are more than willing to teach you how to fish…but we generally aren’t going to catch it for you.


You are correct, sir. How dare silly newcomers show up with expectations. Hopefully she finds help. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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E.A. Koetting and his partners do offer and perform magick-for-hire, but it’s truly expensive—anywhere from $500 to $1,600! If you only want a reading, it’ll cost you less.

There are also other genuine magicians for hire off BALG that may assist; they may also charge a lot, though—beware of charlatans 'cause there are a lot!

And there are BALG members that post here that may perform a rite for you at a much lesser price; they may PM you if they read this thread and are interested. I have no objection to that; if the magician receives a compensation they deem fair, no matter how small it may seem to others, it’s a win-win for both parties.


How long ago did you do the ritual also what would consider yourself? A newbie, beginner, novice, exsedera…


“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”


A few days ago. It seemed to show it worked well at first but yesterday had a bit of the opposite effect :disappointed:
I’m still trying to hold the faith that maybe there was just a bump and he’ll still come around however my focus has been very low as well…

Part of the spell was you’ll dream about each other. I mean I guess it worked on my part. I never remember my dreams but the last three nights I’ve dreamt about him.

Then it sounds like you just need to give it some time.

Also it sounds like you might be dwindling on it too much, let it be for now. If you obsess over it too much, yes it will start to have the opposite effect.

You’ve done the ritual. Jist go about your life as normal for the time being.

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I have a hard time kind of just forgetting about it but will try to stay more busy to not think on it as I made a simple mojo bag as well.
Thank you :slight_smile: I do still have a lot to learn with everything.

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You don’t have to forget about it. That’s not really possible. What you do need to do is not be worrying anymore about the outcome. If you’ve done everything properly and have set your intention out there, you now need to let the Magick run its course