Anyone willing to do a reading for me

I am in real need for someone to give me a reading. I’d be ever so grateful

I can

@Jason Please be aware that as a newcomer to this forum, you CANNOT offer to do readings for members. We have a rule here that prohibits doing so until you have been active for a minimum of 90 days as a contributing member to the community.



Can you? Really

I’m a newcomer as well

@Emily_Leigh As I just said, no, he can’t do a reading for you.


Yes I saw that. Hence the I’m new to coment.

Thank you for your help I do appreciate it

No worries. I’m sure someone will do a reading for you. Keep an eye out for any free reading threads. They pop up every so often.

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I will thanks

My apologies. But I am not permitted at this moment.

That’s ok but I appreciate your offer to help

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I can. We can talk in inbox about different types of readings I can do.


I’ve actually asked for help 2ce and made 2 threads no one has offered to help me yet I’m still pleading I guess it’s about how attractive your name is

I have messaged you Nicki open your inbox.

Thank u replied