Anyone want to join in the fun?

So I had the idea to do practical reviews of different occult books or at least different exercises from these books and see what results are attained. I will then write a review of my findings and share them on my blog. I invite whoever would care to ag along to do so and share your experiences in the comment section so we can all share and compare notes.

This months exercise will the Wandering Spirit exercise from Evoking Eternity.

I hope to see some of you take part.


I’m in, Though it’ll be a minute before I can devote myself to it. give me a week.

I’m in and use my Pathworking to try different techniques.
But Books will start in August. (I guess)

Thats a nice project, Ill be certainly paying a visit to your blog

Interesting idea, how much time do participants have before posting the results?

I’ll post my results in my blog at the end of the month, then anyone who cares to can post in the comment section of the blog with their overall review if how the exercise worked. I’d like to see the different opinions if how these books worked for people all in one place.

It just so happens that my six-month-or-so commitment to this rune work is almost concluded, and evocation happens to be my next big obstacle to attack! Count me in!

My results will be a bit late, though, I plan to give it the full thirty days after a bit of unwinding and consolidation in the aftermath of the runes.

I’m willing.