Anyone want a card read 3 cards ? just ask away first five

Ask away and ill give you a three card read.



Can I have one please? I’d like to know about my magick development.

I pmed you

Ok dank give me a number between 1 to 5

give me a number between 1 to 5.


I’m down for one :slight_smile:

Not a positive read for you. You refuse to take responsibility as a child might that is inexperienced. You tend towards hostility and destructiveness, shifting consequences as if it were not your fault. I would suggest you contemplate and more responsible pathway, one on which you recognise this destructiveness within you. Remember the first virtue is recognition of your limitations and fallibilities, it is only then the divine will turn up to aid.


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Sadly your correct. I have to take more measures in doing better in my own decision making. Thank you for this !

I’d love to have one too :slight_smile:


I would like one too!

Your cards are elder - union and keeper of the abyss.

Very clear and precise in regards to your question, seek out an elder and make union, the keeper of the abyss is said to be Metatron who assists seekers and keeps all things in order. Seek out your guardian angel along with an elder with whom you make union. Refer this necessity to the elder and start out on your pathway to get into contact with your guardian angel. You have a direction - but do not enter the abyss WITHOUT further teaching and guidance and these things in place.


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Again darknight a number between 1 and 5 please.



Can i have one please?

Thank you! Damn… sounds heavy. I can definitely see why it would be needed to get guidance…
What is the abyss exactly?

I would want one please

OOOhhh darknight …. difficult times ahead perhaps. You are going to be or are at this time in the focus of the fae, tricksters as they are, not a mere underling fae my man but the fairy king himself. Have you upset him in some way, be it in your past or in present thinking. You need to make an offering and or seek interaction. They will of course want something from you as they always will, be careful in any bargaining.


Perhaps you might seek out the course quareia. dank.


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