Anyone wanna meet on the astral?

So after my first projection I’m very pumped about the possibilities of this. Does anyone want to try to meet and hangout on the astral plane?


Where on the astral plane?

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Where can you go

I haven’t tried astral projection yet lol. I was just curious of where you wanted to meet.

I can’t astral project can you still meet

Well you don’t teqnically stop becoming “astral” because you are physical. Koetting says being “physical” is just a singularity. So you’re astral right now and always just the same. Projection comes when you are able to give yourself over to it, or become"aware" of it, kinda like looking through a different sense. Remember Just because the blind cant see color doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


I would love to… Is there anyway you can help me to accomplish this? I always wanted to conceiously astral travel, but … Thank you


Try falling asleep with your arm balanced straight up in the air with your elbow as the base. When I fall asleep my arm falls waking me back up. I do this repetitively until I’m in a state between wake and sleep.

Or listening to ambient music designed to wake you up subtlety every now and then can work to.

But it’s kinda like trying to sneeze. Sometimes my bodies not in the mood to help me do it so I have to use things to help.

Just a fair warning though, the first few episodes are a little draining.


And if it’s not working it’s ok, try again the next night. You’ll know when it works because you’ll be in sleep paralysis. Then once you achieve this well talk about getting out of your body :wink:

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Awesome! When?

Did you get into sleep paralysis yet?

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This is so true. And I totally agree with E.A’s take on this. It’s almost as if our astral bodies are shadowing our physical ones while awake and moving. I know that when I close my eyes to transition to the astral every night I can see my hands and arms when moved in front of me like energy signatures even while awake, this is with 0 light in the room at night.

do you need ur third eye open in order to go to the astral?

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Your third eye is just for seeing it. But you are always astral as you are always physical whether you realize it or not. Projection comes when you can maintain seeing thru that third eye we all have and then leaving your physical body. I use sleep paralysis for this and imagine like I’m pulling myself out with a rope

Depends on where you wanna be. I travel around the nine realms of the norse mythologies a lot

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I still haven’t managed to pull myself consciously out of my body… I’m always one bit before it happens and then I don’t manage to complete the process, for some reason.

That’s about doing it consciously…

I have many times been outside, but these times it has …

  • either happened unconsciously during sleep and found myself in the astral or in my room again,
  • or I waked up in my body while sleeping and could perceive things or leave,
  • sometimes when elsewhere, even when falling back into my body managing to get back to where I was again, as long my body wouldn’t wake up (and these times it has been, where I could be aware of both, my astral and physical body at the same time),
  • or an entity has helped me to achieve it so to be able to interact.

Still struggling to do it PLANNED though.

Otherwise I would have said “yeah let’s try meeting up” :smiley:

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