Anyone Wanna Do A Solid?

So if anyone is close with Lord Belial, Lord Lucifuge or Lord Mesphito; would ya mind channeling on advice on what I should be working on? I’ve been doing offerings, meditation, VK chants, but stumped on what should be main priority. Im just asking and am grateful for any response honestly.

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I would say meditations to help you evoke these Daemons yourself. Is it difficult for you?
It’s not always easy and can take some practice to hear or see them.
I feel this would greatly help you get a plan going with them.

Never tried that; how would I go about this? Any suggestions would be appreciated and thank you Alita.

There are a lot of good meditation threads to help with seeing Daemons on this forum. I don’t know what would help you best so give it a look and test out what resonates with you.
Remember, the Spirit always shows up even if you can’t see them but you can train yourself to know when they are there :slight_smile: