Anyone wanna create a magickal order?

Does anyone want to create a magickal order? It would be overseen by spirits and deities that the members all have on common to make sure things are ran smoothly, and to clarify this order would not act on behalf of balg or any of its associates and acts on its own accord. Basically the order would be made to help others achieve their goals by banning together to work for that common purpose, be it mundane or magickal/spiritual. Kinda like friends with benefits but permanent and will be made to be more secure, as well as doing projects together, that sort of thing. Anyone interested? All are welcome.

Add on: I forgot, there is no higher up authority like a high priest or priestess, it is very much a democracy, to a large degree. The rules for the order I have in mind are similar to that of the forums. Initiates will also be examined and screen tested, etc to prevent snakes which is also the purpose of have spirits oversee it as well. We will all make pacts with our chosen deities to make a cease fire agreement and if this agreement is broken… Well that’s basically self explanatory as you’d have spirits you broke your promise to be pissed as fuck


There was a similar group created a while ago, though I left several months back. Don’t know if it’s still active

Im not sure if something like that would work. It sounds good in theory…but idk

How would you even screen test someone?

So what would you think could be improved?

Honestly there’s no sure fire way to prevent betrayal but in the case of betrayal this is good as a lot of shit would lash out against them.

As for rules that’s a bit in the air as I’d like to make a set everyone can agree on.

I would answer that if I could remember how I was gonna do that. Gimme on that wish I had wrote it down

It wasn’t a screen test so to speak. I completely forgot so thats off until I can remember it.
As for the cease fire pacts the spirits I had in mind were Azazel, Lucifuge, Lucifer, Hekate and maybe Lilith…

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Oh for crying out loud you guys have not even started the thing yet an already worried about would be traitors. For shame, you need to have a group before you can have infiltrators to flush out…Sheesh! :confused:


I know but I am trying to develop a plan for when the time comes honestly it’s needed

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Anywhore, any takers? Looking for at least 5 members

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Anywhore! Lol!


Lol. But seriously, you in?

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This wasnt my boat. I was just trying to understand everything.


See, I know where your idea Comes from,
and thinkin back i had a dream of making an "Order / Cult"
Which was supposed to become a School for self-development,
my main Focus that time, was water based magick,


I came to the conclusion, that in order to open such a School, or cult,
it’d Need the People for the initial start to be on board allready.

Just like with opening a Buisness Company.

Now having the Finances and the Security mantioned,
before the buisness plan itself,

you may notice why we don’t really jump in,
Fully encouraged,
Yeah, let’s do this!

I mean, i really apriciate your idea.
And i do belive, many People share the desire.


Right now, all we got from you, is a scratch…

And at least for me, it’s easier to work alone,
then with someone misstrusting others from the first Minute.

-or to be even more precise: the whole concept of betrayl, Comes from the perspective of not genuently being happy for someone else then youself, to have good Outcome and results.
Which again, i know, i Sound very far fetched here…
But honestly.
Would you wan’t to run a Buisness, with someone who always beliefs,
he deserves what you have?
I wouldn’t even stand his Company, if he wasn’t a Family member.
I would, however, if he prooven his trust and sympaticy, look over it,
being nice and tolerating his stray dog mind set.
However, i wouldn’t give him any task’s of responsiability.

Just wanted to share my opinion.
As a constructive Feedback.
Please don’t take any of that personally.

Kindest Regards,



I think the romantic notion of an ocult order shrouded in secrecy is one we all would love to do and if so I would start an order that actually caters to the romantic notion of dark covens and secret orders etc. Perhaps even funning on the whole thing and exaggerating it for kicks. I would totally do that!


Why not create something for Lucifer followers and worshipers instead? I be would totally in. The guy behind the Lucifer website, I used to follow as been gone for years. Anyways, I can’t find what I’m looking for. Something for his human children, wives, soldiers, etc something like that.

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I like that idea

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Ok. I think I’m gonna divine on this and then make a decision on what the order should dedicate itself to in terms of spirits and study

So YouTube is going to go belly up soon and that means we will have less access to good information in video form. Anybody got any ideas?