Anyone used the solomon seals?

if so how effective was it? I mainly use sigils or amulets but I recently came across the solomon seals and it got me interested.

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It was somewhat effective but I’ve moved on from using them

Presenting, the Solomon Seals:

Edit: What do you mean by Solomon Seals? The one that EA put on the cover of evoking eternity?

Edit 2: If you mean the various spirit seals and such. Those are great. Use them all the time, although I am starting to be more interested in planetary and celestial magick.

Edit 3: The image was not an insult, just a stupid joke. They are cute however.


HA haha.

Oh these?

This is something I’m about to start. Looks promising. Certainly a stepping stone on the path.


Yeah, this is the one, guess I’m gonna make one and find out how it works.

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Bit more to the 44 planetary (and Sun) seals/ pentacles – not to be confused with the 72 ‘sigils’ – than renown, glory and riches. (E.g., second seal of Mercury with Boel et al.) If you’re system, your path, your personal beliefs don’t come with objections to using the Judaeo YVHV and his/her/its hierarchy of angels, then you’ll find it interesting. Many of the versicles are snippets of Psalms.

Hope you’ll share your results.

Go well on your journey, and Be well.

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