Anyone used petition ritual from gordan winterfields book for Vine for magical powers?

So in the book it says “To improve your ability to work with all forms of magick.” for vine

So how should I write out a simple petition. I want to be able to open up a sigil, and see and hear spirits.

If its successful then I don’t want to use the book cause its uses angels and the god from the bible.

Firstly, you don’t need to use that method of petitioning if you don’t wish to. There’s no need to protect yourself from these spirits, as long as you are respectful and polite, and you have the correct expectations/mindset. The book includes them because many beginners have concerns about the safety of working with demons, and the book is catered to that crowd.

I would word the petition as something like, “I easily and quickly open sigils, and I easily perceive spirits.”

It’s important to state your request in the present as if it’s already manifested. Read the book, it explains it all in there about how to word petitions, etc. You can use this wisdom/knowledge with any method you use to contact or work with the Goetia.