Anyone tried 72 Angels of Magick or Angelic Sigils Keys and Calls for steady money income?

I don´t know if angels are suited for this, but IF so, which are the suited and more efficient angels for this purpose?

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Damon Brand ?

Okay. This is your third thread asking about money, all posted in the wrong spot. I’m moving all of them to the Money subsection.

Edit to add: Have you actually read the book in question? If you have, then you would already know the answer: none will give you “steady income,” though Vevalel can improve general prosperity, and Ariel can help you discover new sources of income.


Angels tend to be good at opening up new opportunities and creating long-lasting changes. This is generalizing a bit, but you can sort of think of angels as painting in broad strokes, while demons work more with the smaller details.

I haven’t worked with the latter book, but if you read through the powers of the Shem angels in 72 Angels of Magick you will find many different angels with powers relating to finance and business.

My suggestion is to read through the powers and find an angel which seems most suited to your needs, and then go ahead and perform the 11 day ritual. You’ll never discover what the spirits can do for you if you never summon them and experience their power for yourself.


It’s so interesting. I see that you know angels very well, could you dm me please?

May help. But i find goddes to be more fast, and bring more offers, that angeles. I have try the book of moses the 7 or 10 was ok. But slow for me.

If you want to ask me a private question you are free to contact me.

He can’t PM, @shinri, he’s only at basic level.