Anyone Successfully Destroyed a Relationship?

Hi guys,

Has anyone on here managed to break up a relationship? If so, what method did you use? The targets are not currently in a relationship but I want to ensure that it never happens and basically I am looking to completely destroy all bonds between them, even those of platonic friendship.

I recently did use my own spell to keep them apart- it was a variation of a break-up jar spell, but unfortunately it seems to have failed, miserably. Very fucking disappointed and pissed off at the moment. There is still a very slight chance it is working in a mysterious, indirect way, so I will give it a few days and see what happens. And yes I know I shouldn’t be talking about it but I’m beyond caring at this moment.

So if anyone has any experience in this- please let me know. I’m thinking maybe this is something I should ask a spirit for help with?

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I have. It wasn’t my intent directly. I used two curses of my own design, the House of Cards and what I call Eviction Notice. The first to cause everything the victim has built up in their lives to come falling down around them, the second to scatter a family unit to the winds. (posted both of them here)

She cheated on him, he knocked her the fuck out.


Cheers mate! Yeah I did actually come across the House of Cards curse yesterday and was considering using that on one of the targets as well for a more general effect. I also found an old post by TWF regarding his version of a break up jar spell, so I’m thinking of using both.

By the way I’ve been meaning to tell you I have had such amazing success using your Princess and the Pea curse. I’ve used it in a variety of ways now and I actually managed to get rid of our parasitic flatmate using that sigil. So thanks :slight_smile:


Hi The_Cusp I found your House of Cards spell via the search but can’t seem to find eviction notice. Would you mind positing it here or pming me with it? Thanks in advance.